Ethereum Classic Geth — v5.3.0 | Geth Update

Check it out 😉; ETC Geth v5.3.0


  • implemented personal_ecRecover API method allowing return of address associated with the private key used to calculate the signature


  • use deterministic K-value in ECDSA signing algorithm
  • use default --cache value 1024mb instead of 128mb dramatically improving download & sync speed of the blockchain


  • possibility for RequireBlockhash nil pointer when using --sputnikvm
  • failure to build with Golang 1.10.2 because of vendor dependency
  • incompatibility makes glog tests deterministic

Are you prepared for the hard fork?

Ethereum Classic hard fork will execute by May 24th or block 5,900,000. Please update your Geth or Parity! You can learn more about the fork here. This is NOT an airdrop, it’s an improvement to the ETC protocol!


  • @whilei
  • @tzdybal
  • @r8d8
  • @sorpaas

We are extremely grateful to the many volunteers and members of our community for their ongoing contributions.