Getting Started with Emerald Wallet — Ethereum Classic Wallet

The Emerald Wallet is an Ethereum Classic Wallet part of a broader project known as the Emerald Platform. The current version of Emerald Wallet is v.0.10.0. All releases of Emerald Wallet can be located on Github.

Download and Install

Download the latest Emerald Wallet release at and install.

Run the Application

Your computer may prompt an unknown developer warning when attempting to open the wallet. Simply continue to run the application.

For mac users: Finder > Applications > hold control + open

And wha-lah, le Emerald Wallet es magnifique! 👌

Account Setup

While users can generate a new ETC account, Emerald Wallet allows users to add an existing ETC account using their private key, keystore file, and ledger nano s.

Secure your keystore file and private key immediately and do not lose it! You are accountable for your ETC account. Your keystore file and private key are your secret authentication on the blockchain.

Select a Node

To perform operations with the blockchain, users must allow a full node to download and sync on their local machine or use a third party node [Light Node]. Running a Full Node on a local machine may take few hours to download and sync making Light Nodes a convenience for most end-users.

Current Features

Add Accounts and Tokens

  • Use Ledger hardware key to manage signatues
  • Generate a new private/public key pair
  • Generate a new mnemonic accounts
  • Import key from from Parity/ Geth in JSON format
  • Import BOP039 mnemonic phase
  • Add Token by adddress
  • View, edit, and add contacts


  • Equivalent currency
  • Language
  • Hide/ Unhide accounts
  • Confirmation set

ETCDEV Team is excited to evolve the wallet with more features and improvements. Community feedback is most welcomed and appreciated. ✌️

Are you prepared for the hard fork?

Ethereum Classic hard fork will execute by May 24th or block 5,900,000. Please update your Geth or Parity! You can Learn more about the fork here. This fork is an improvement of the network, not an air drop.

We are extremely grateful to the many volunteers and members of our community for their ongoing contributions.