Announcing: the EthCCweek 2022 🇫🇷

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3 min readJun 28, 2022

Ethereum-France is glad to facilitate EthCCweek for the fourth year in a row. EthCCweek 2022 is a community-led week of events, hackathons, drinks, meetups, conferences and parties around EthCC[5], organized by members of the Ethereum community.

EthCCweek 2022 will happen on July, 18–24th 2022 in Paris 💙🤍❤️


EthCCweek 2022

After the Community Blockchain Week (2019), the France Blockchain Week (2020), and EthCC Week 2021, Ethereum-France is kickstarting this community-led initiative once again: EthCCweek 2022.

Everyone is welcome to apply and host events around EthCC ➡

Reminder: despite having doubled our capacity since last year, EthCC[5] is fully sold out… but all EthCC talks will be livestreamed!

More information on EthCC in this blogpost.

EthCCweek will give many opportunities to host and attend many events to meet everyone coming for the occasion.

Register your event ✍️

Anyone can host an event during the EthCCweek.

To be featured on the EthCCweek website, fill-up this form:

EthCCweek, by Ethereum-France

This year, Ethereum-France will facilitate three events:

EthCCweek Events

+30 events have already been registered on the EthCCweek website!

Organized by teams such as Ledger, Starknet, Celo, Maker, Aave, Rekt, DeversiFi and the Future of France teams Stake Capital,, Atlendis, Morpho, Paladin, ADAN, Angle, APWine, Jarvis, Mangrove, ParaSwap, Sismo, Synaps… 🇫🇷

EthCCweek already features:


COVID Restrictions

We invite you all to follow French Government’s official measures, which vary depending on the country you’re coming from:

Conditions have improved and travels have been made easier for fully vaccinated travellers. Please make sure you follow protocols and behave responsively.

Make sure you register to all these events and follow us on Twitter and Telegram to stay updated!

See you in Paris




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