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Etheremon partners with Kyber Network and integrates with Kyber’s on-chain liquidity protocol to allow multi-token purchasing, a new experience for blockchain game players.

We are happy to announce that Etheremon has integrated with Kyber’s on-chain liquidity protocol. This partnership will enable users to purchase monsters on the platform in any supported ERC20 token.

Online gaming is looking to be one of the incumbent industries that will be massively disrupted by blockchain technology. Kyber is helping to drive adoption of decentralized games with a simple, user-friendly integration that enables seamless inter-token payments on vendor platforms.

Etheremon — one of the top blockchain games

Combining blockchain and virtual reality technology, Etheremon sets a foundation for the Game 3.0 era where immersive gaming experience is enhanced as players have full ownership of their in-game digital assets.

In Etheremon, players enter a fantasy world of “Mons” (Etheremons) where they can capture, train, transform, and trade “Mons” with others. Players fully own their in-game digital assets no one can manipulate the data or steal those assets from them. All value created by players belongs to players.

Etheremon has grown to be one of the most popular decentralized game applications, with more than 37,000 Monsters caught and 300,000 battles played.

Kyber Network is improving the user experience in blockchain games

Blockchain games are getting more popular among the crypto community, however, we noticed some limitations in the current decentralized payment process, which is not very seamless for many of our players.

Most games offer players to purchase with 1 to 2 cryptocurrencies, such as ETH and EMONT in the case of Etheremon. For people who hold different tokens, exchanging them to ETH or EMONT to play the game might be a barrier of entry.

As such, we decided to take a step further to tackle this challenge.

Kyber Network Integration

By integrating with Kyber’s on-chain liquidity protocol, our players can pay with the most popular ERC20 tokens. To name some, they are Zilliqa (ZIL), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Status (SNT), Request network (REQ), Gifto (GTO), Powerledger (POWR), MakerDAO (DAI),…

Also it's important to note that Kyber operates fully on-chain, a feature that is essential for DApp and smart contract integration, since smart contracts only interact with other smart contracts. Being fully on-chain also enables atomic and immediate settlement, and a fully transparent and verifiable financial system.

With Kyber’s on-chain liquidity protocol, we hope to remove the multiple complex value exchanges away from users by turning it into a single payment step.

How to catch Mons with ERC20 tokens via Kyber?

We have prepared detailed instructions on how to catch Mons with ERC20 tokens via Kyber. Watch the tutorial here!

EMONT Rebate Campaign!

To commemorate this partnership, everyone will be able to earn EMONT token rebates for any amount spent in the game! Details in this blog post.

Etheremon Team

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Training Monsters and join epic battles on blockchain


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A blockchain game about collecting, training, evolving and trading Monsters, built with blockchain and VR technology. Think Pokemon on blockchain.



Training Monsters and join epic battles on blockchain

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