Lunar New Year — Piggy Raid


  • As mentioned in our previous blog, Pigperus and Piggicius are going to visit Etheremon world. This blog is to introduce how to get them.
  • Event time: 01:00 PM UTC Jan 28 — 01:00 PM UTC Feb 11
  • As usual, there will be about 30 mins maintenance right before the event.

Pigperus — Symbol of flourish and success

During the event, Pigperus will appear in Egg:

  • New egg price: 0.09 ETH / 150 EMONT.
  • Other Mons in Egg will remain the same.

As a deep thank-you for buyers who warmly welcome this lucky Mon, we will give a special offer: 88 EMONT tokens will be rewarded to the first 888 egg purchases (Maximum 8 first purchases per account are entitled to this EMONT reward). Rewards will be distributed to your in-game EMONT wallet right after 888 eggs are bought, automatically. Grab this opportunity while it lasts!

Piggicius — Symbol of luck

Younger twin sister of Pigperus, Piggicius belongs to the lucky ones, and will also bring back the luck to her owners. She can only be found somewhere in Adventure Mode and from the Lucky Wheel.

In Adventure Mode, as the 3 legendaries have just gone, Piggicius will replace them during the Lunar New Year.

The Lucky Wheel

Collect Red Envelopes — Win big treasure

In the East, traditionally speaking, the red envelope containing lucky money is a traditional gift for people during Lunar New Year, expected to bestow more happiness and blessings on the receivers for the new year ahead.

In Etheremon’s world, this is also a time for our player to receive these lucky envelopes by joining special event — Lunar New year Lucky wheel. This is a gesture of our goodwill and blessings sharing, expressing through the red envelopes called HongBao along with many special gifts. In this article, we will briefly introduce this event.

Special gifts

At each turn of the spin, players have the opportunity to receive one of the following specific rewards:

  • 10 EMONT
  • 666 EMONT
  • 3 Hongbao
  • 66 Hongbao
  • 10 energy
  • 30 energy
  • Level Stone
  • Mystery Box
  • Piggicius: a Holiday Special Mon.

While EMONT and Hongbao will be credited immediately upon winning, Piggicius, Level Stone and on-chain items will be sent to the lucky winner’s account after the event. Kindly note that Piggicius will be sent in no particular order of catch number.

Hongbao — Lucky Red Envelopes

Hongbao is what you need to spin the lucky wheel, though you can also use your in-game EMONT as well (which can be acquired via Quests, Ranked battle and Adventures). Hongbao can be found from Piggy Raid’s quests or in Adventure map (yes, they drop randomly in the map).

Every 5 Hongbaos gives you one turn to spin the lucky wheel. Keep it spinning!

Good luck,

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