Meet Legend and Earn EMONT!

There are no happier than meeting your favorite Legendary MONs even though they will be saying goodbye soon (read details here). And it will be happier when you receive a lovely gift from them as well.

Dear Mon-Seekers, as Etheremon Ranked Battle has a new look, we introduce to you a new Event “Meet Legend, Earn EMONT

Basically, every time you meet an Opponent team that have at least 1 Legendary MON, you will receive 50 EMONT reward! For those who haven’t known, Legendary MONs are: Venirox Quadrossal, Zedakazm.

Here are some rules and conditions that you may need to know:


  • Each Mon-Seeker can receive EMONT reward once only.
  • When you meet an Opponent team which have Legendary MON(s) and post on Twitter (see more Conditions below), both you and your Opponent will receive 50 EMONT each.
  • The first 20 players with valid submission will get the rewards. After the 20th Winner, the event will be closed.


  • In order to receive 50 EMONT reward, you must take a battle screenshot showing that you fight with a team having Legendary MON(s) and post to your Twitter, also please remember to tag @myetheremon to let us know.
  • Also remember to paste the link from your Battle to your Tweet. (For verification purpose)
  • Battle must be initiated from 18 Jan 2019
An example of battle screenshot:


Event already started and will end on 24 Jan 2019 (GMT +8)

Good Luck and Have Fun, Mon-Seekers!


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