World Cup Fan-Art Contest Update

Historically the World Cup has had cute and fun mascots and we thought it would be great for our fans to create the first ever sports/World Cup themed Etheremon mascot as a global representative. The level of artistic talent of our community is on par with the mascots that have been created to officially represent the World Cup in the past. Here are just a few of the diverse, unique, and amazing entries.

These have come from all our fans from around the world and show us that blockchain gaming can be a great global connector just like the World Cup is. This contest is coming to an end very soon, specifically the contest ends at 1pm UTC — July 12th, after that no new submissions or votes will be counted.

As far as the prizes go the ones for this event are very special.

First place will have his/her winning Mon creation actually put into the game and will also get to own 2 of these mons (#1 and #2). Oh and since we wanted to make this a super special global event we added a special grand prize.

Our amazing Discord community member Theo has offered to make an Etheremon figurine for the grand prize winner and one for second place. We can finally reveal those as well.

You won’t have to wait long to know who win also because our Community Team will be doing a special Youtube Live stream with CloudwhiteWhale on Thursday July 12th 6 PM PST.

We will be announcing the winner of the fan art contest, going over the latest Etheremon updates, and even doing some live t-shirt giveaways! Make sure to stay updated on our Twitter channel. Also it’s not too late to enter the contest.

How to enter?

  • To enter using Reddit, just submit the picture as MyEtheremon World Cup Fan Art to
  • To enter on Twitter, submit the art and send it to @MyEtheremon with #WorldCup #BlockChainGaming #Etheremon #Contest hashtags as well.

If it is possible, please add Etheremon logo or the website link ( to your artwork.

The judging will be done by members of the Etheremon team and selected members of the community. Upvotes, Retweets, likes, and comments will all be considered during the judging process.

You can read more about our contest here:

Thank you for reading!

Etheremon team

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