Ethereum Cat Herders Update #29

Medalla data challenge, YOLOv2 proposals, Peep an EIP, EIP-1559, breakout-room, hackathon, Gitcoin grant, and other community updates

Pooja Ranjan
Sep 14 · 5 min read
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Welcome to another edition of the Ethereum Cat Herders community update to bring you up to the speed since the last update.

Ethereum All Core Developers meeting

This item was proposed by Alexey. He said that by observing transactions, it looks like an order book, where people bid for the gas prices. Low bid orders are there to scoop the dips. However, in exchanges, you can cancel orders at no cost. But, in Ethereum, you can send another transaction to yourself at a higher gas, or spam the pool so much that it takes it out. About CHI token, he said that Chi tokens only consumed 10% of all gas consumed and can’t be blamed for sustained high gas prices.

This EIP is already marked in EFI. Piper Merriam and Micah Zoltu gave an overview of 2718. Lightclient is working on the implementation. It may be best to have 2718 not bundled with other EIPs to get it released without much complexity. This will be a part of YOLOv2. The Ethereum Cat Herders facilitated a breakout session to discuss this proposal for the ephemeral testnet. Participate in the discussion at EthMagician thread.

The summary of the proposal EIP-2929 states “increases gas cost for SLOAD, *CALL, BALANCE, EXT* and SELFEDESTRUCT when used for the first time in a transaction.” The main motivation of this proposal is mainly to fight back against potential DoS attacks and to have opcode execution time line up with gas prices better. Alexey said this EIP introduces a read list. Earlier there was only a write list. Hudson suggested continuing this discussion in the breakout room. This EIP is superseding EIP-2046 and is considered for YOLO v2.

EIP-2930 adds a transaction type which contains an access list, a list of addresses and storage keys that the transaction plans to access. Accesses outside the list are possible but become more expensive. Vitalik mentioned that this proposal would help minimize the number of things breaking due to gas cost changes and is a potential companion to EIP-2929.

This EIP Store historical block hashes in a contract, and modify the BLOCKHASH (0x40) opcode to read this contract. For L2 protocols, it would be easier to provide historical information to users with this protocol. Part of YOLO v2.

Greg Colvin gave an update. He mentioned that they don’t believe that Kik exploit could be exploited in the wild. Also, ASICs should start falling off the network around November because of the DAG size.

The Quilt team has published a case study on the potential DoS vectors of the EIP on Geth and Vitalik has made some updates to the EIP.

Tim Beiko provided the update on the 1559 implementers call.

  • There is a testnet for Besu and Geth clients from Vulcanize.
  • EF is doing some simulations on the EIP.
  • The formal analysis will be done by a game theorist.
  • The next steps will be to get more client implementations and have proof of work testnet.
  • Based on the discussion on the implementers' meeting, a questionnaire is created to collect feedback on EIP-1559 implementation form miners, wallets, exchange, infrastructure providers, or on-chain application. Contact Tim Beiko ( and me ( if you’d like to set up a meeting for any question/comment/concern related to the implementation.

ACD meeting#95: agenda, video, live-tweet by Tim Beiko, notes. The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, September 18, 2020, at 14:00 UTC. Agenda.

AllCoreDevs Gitter has moved to Discord.

Breakout room

In the ACD meeting, Hudson mentioned the suggestion of a breakout room for overflow discussion on EIPs to be facilitated by the Ethereum Cat Herders. In the first meeting, EIP-2718 with other EIPs considered for YOLOv2 were discussed. Agenda and summary of meeting #1.

The second meeting concluded today. Agenda and summary.

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YOLOv2 proposals

Join Eth R&D discord #breakout-room to participate in active discussion.

Ethereum 1.0 clients’ update

Ethereum 2.0

Eth2.0 implementers’ meeting #47: agenda, video, Ben’s quick notes, Mamy’s notes, notes by Cat Herders. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 17, 2020, at 14:00 UTC.

Eth2 Networking Call 5

EIPIP working group

Ethereum Cat Herders

Released video


Community updates

Support the Ethereum Cat Herders

Share your question, comments, and suggestions with me on Twitter. Thank you for reading 🙏.

— The Ethereum Cat Herders

Ethereum Cat Herders

Ethereum community-led project management

Pooja Ranjan

Written by

Blockchain enthusiast. Founder @ether_world. I share news and views about Blockchain Technology. Ethereum Cat Herders.

Ethereum Cat Herders

Ethereum community-led project management

Pooja Ranjan

Written by

Blockchain enthusiast. Founder @ether_world. I share news and views about Blockchain Technology. Ethereum Cat Herders.

Ethereum Cat Herders

Ethereum community-led project management

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