Photo by Verne Ho

Slowmography? Sounds Cool But Wait… What is it?

Our initial post that introduces the concept of a new image format and tells the story of where it comes from has originally been published by Vantage. It doesn’t make sense to publish a copy of it but of course it’s very important to make it available from our publication too, so there you go, read about 👉The Birth Of The Slowmographer!

Even the good old slide projector looks so cool in slow motion.

The Name & Domain

The term “slowmography” is interesting because it first sounds familiar but then you realise that the word doesn’t really exist. The only thing that you’ll find online is an art project by a Dutch guy. Until now. When we first introduced the app to a larger audience on Product Hunt, we called the app Mo Slowmography (the name of the app was Mo originally). On the same day the post (with the title: “The Birth of the Slowmographer”) has been released by Vantage. A few days later when re-named, re-branded the app to Slowmographer, we looked up the domain and saw that someone registered on the exact day of our launch. Coincidence?! I’m sure it’s not. But hey, it doesn’t really matter, is shorter, we registered that one! After thinking about it in more detail we asked ourselves: is a web domain still that important in case of a mobile app? You should have a domain but we don’t think it is something you must care about too much. More important is the product itself and the value it creates.

Welcome To The Community!

We strongly believe in the power of the format but without you it won’t be able to succeed. With each and every day our community on Instagram grows bigger and we see an increasing number of beautiful slowmographs on the #everydayslowmo tag. Also, we just started a series of posts that features cool users from around the globe.

If you follow this publication, you won’t miss all those interesting creators, artists and if you feel inspired you’re welcome to share your slowmo loops along with you experience and we’d be happy to feature your work! Another way to take part in this exciting journey is to submit a post to this publication which can be about any aspect of mobile photography, video making and the intersection of these formats. We’re looking forward to putting your thoughts into the context of slowmography.

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