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At the FaithTech Institute, we are expanding how the global church talks about technology. And we hope the conversations expands your imagination.

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Who we’re looking for

Coders, hackers, engineers, pastors, designers, creatives, theologians, entrepreneurs, deep-thinkers, or anyone with a passion to explore the world of faith and technology. If that’s you, let’s connect!

What to write about

  • Culture shifts technology is creating
  • Ethical challenges created by emerging technology
  • Stories of new technology benefiting the Kingdom of God
  • Intersection of theology and technology
  • Other creative ideas you have!

Can I reuse stories I’ve already published?

Yes! As long as you have the rights to republish it, we would be happy to look at it.

If you’ve already published elsewhere on topics about faith and technology, no problem! Our platform, Medium, allows published stories to be re-uploaded and then point back to your original article.

For more writerly details, check out our Style Guide for FaithTech Writers!

Send Us Your Pitch!

Learn more about FaithTech at faithtech.com.

Want to join the movement? Start here.




Exploring the world of faith and the world of technology. Can these two worlds co-exist? Or are they the same world? Do they cooperate or conflict? It’s uncharted territory. Chart it with us.

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