My Top (Favourite) 64 Songs of 2014

50 songs wasn't enough? I had to add another 14 songs (and a whole other part)? Yes, yes I did. As with last year’s list the same criteria is applicable when making this list:

All of the songs on this list must have been released in 2014. The list must reflect my musical taste. I want as much musical variety as possible so no artist will have more than two songs present. I want to limit to list to 64 songs because a list larger than that doesn't interest me. To make things harder on myself I split the songs up into different groups.

Final note: I haven’t listened to every single song in 2014. This isn't a list of the best songs of 2014. These are my favourite songs. Don’t fret if your song doesn't make the list and feel free to let me know what songs I might have missed.

Honourable Mentions:

True Love — Tobias Jesso Jr. — A voice and a piano never sounded so perfect.

Lust — Blooms — After reading through this list do yourself a favour and listen to Blooms’ IF -EP.

Multiply ft. Juicy J — A$AP Rocky — In a year that was lighter on rap music, A$AP comes and drops this gem on us.

Oslo — Anna of the North — Your perfect kick back by a fire and reading a book track.

Pyramids Frank Ocean Bootleg — BSBD — Wait for the 2:41 mark for the song to take it’s dark turn.

Made You Hold On — Carlos Serrano — Nas vs Flume. That is all.

La La La (White Panda x Gazzo Remix) — The White Panda — White Panda does it again.

Flawless Remix — Beyonce ft Nicki Minaj — This song dropped after a night out. I might have blasted it on repeat while I was making food at 2AM until I went to bed.

Another Life — D’Angelo and the Vanguard — This song would've made the list if it came out a week earlier. Let’s move on before I change my mind.

Group S: Phantasmagoria

64. Garde Le Pour Toi — Paradis

A few notes: No, I haven’t looked up the translated lyrics. No, I don’t care and neither should you. Just press play and let your worries float away.

63. Arcadia — The Kite String Tangle

So who else wants to take a walk through the city feeling all nostalgic?

62. pixie dust — Alison Valentine

One of the most unique songs of the year, by a long shot. Here’s hoping Alison Valentine keeps pushing the boundaries of her sound. While the rest of the world plays catch-up.

61. Phantasmagoria — CHEATCODE

Phantasmagoria — a shifting series of phantasms, illusions, or deceptive appearances, as in a dream or as created by the imagination.

Group R: Sweater Beats

60. Station — Låpsley

A seventeen year old who crafts a song where she duets it by herself? Yeah, it happened.

59. Escape — 2 Mello

2 Mello decides to marry one of the greatest rap albums of all time with one of the most iconic video games ever. Wu-Tang and Final Fantasy XI, you have to be kidding me. What’s crazier is 2 Mello pulls it off.

58. Dark Matter ft. a l l i e — Sweater Beats

The pleasure and pain are the same thing/why don’t we call it the same name

Group Q: FKA

57. Babesquad — Reva DeVito

One of the best songs of the summer. Period.

56. Doing it Wrong ft. Liv — Gorgon City

I don’t know why but for some reason, a girl singing Drake lyrics are better than Drake and his feeling singing his lyrics.

55. You Do — Marcus Alan Ward

Marcus Alan Ward wants you to know that this year he Grew Tentacles. What’s this have to do with his music? I’m not sure but his music and voice does grab you and once it takes hold refuses to let you go.

54. Two Weeks — FKA Twigs

I know what you’re thinking, this song is only 54? How dare I insult the great artist Formerly Known As Twigs. I know and I hear you but it’s my list and couldn't put it any higher, no matter how much I do enjoy Two Weeks.

Group P: Deckchair Tunes

53. 21 Questions Cover— Vanessa Elisha

I forgot this song existed and never would've thought it’d translate into what Vanessa, GXNXVS & Seywood have turned it into.

52. Deckchairs on the Moon — Bipolar Sunshine

Bipolar Sunshine’s voice though. It’s impossible to listen to this song and not smile.

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