Top 64 of 2014 Part Two: “These Rap Songs Didn't Make It Past Part Two?”

Group O: King Kendrick

51. I — Kendrick Lamar

I know “I” has been quite polarizing within my friend group. People either hate it or love it. I wouldn't classify myself as a defender of the song because I get why people don’t like it but at the same time you do you Kendrick. And yes I realize some people skipped this entire paragraph to go to the next group.

Group N: Warm on a Cold Night

50. A Goodbye Kiss ft. Charlotte Gainsbourg, Devonté Hynes and Sampha — Emile Haynie

This song might be perfect. Everything in it works so well together. It’s like what the Spur’s offense would be if it was a song. A new aspect of it reveals itself with each listen.

49. Take Shelter (Onra Remix) — Years & Years

I don’t know if this is the perfect example of an indie pop song in 2014 but it has to come pretty close. Onra takes an already upbeat song and elevates it even more without taking anything away from the original. What you end up with is a song you won’t get sick of any time soon.

48. Days With You ft Sinead Harnett — Snakehips

My main takeaway after the first listen of this song: who is Sinead Harnett and where can I find more of her music? The perfect single for summer. ‘Nuff said.

Group M: Songs for Flight

47. Premonitions — Vaults

Haunting and brooding? Check. Soft and pure vocals? Check. Top notch production? Check. Vaults know what they’re doing. Listen and enjoy.

46. Flicker (Kanye West Re-Work) — Lorde

Spoiler Alert*

Kanye West will not be defending his title as my favourite song this year. In fact this is his only appearance on the list.

His re-work of Lorde’s Flicker is fantastic and that’s all you need to know. He takes a good song and turns it into something else. It’s his monster and it is better for it.

45. Flight 43 (NYC) — Daytrip

Sometimes you hear a song and you know it’s good. You can’t tell why or explain why besides saying, “Listen.” This is the feeling I get when listening to Flight 43. It feels like I’m going to another place. For a song that starts with a take off procedure, you don’t need anything else.

44. Faded Madeaux Remix — ZHU

Let the hook take you home after a night out.

Baby I’m wasted/All I wanna do is drive home to you/Baby I’m faded/All I wanna do is take you downtown

43. Pilgrims — Johnny Lloyd

The stand out and self titled track from Johnny Lloyd’s Pilgrims EP.

Group L: It’s the Remix Baby

42. Use Me (Bill Withers) — Jackson Breit & Carneyval

This song is the definition of smooth. You can’t help but bop your head to this soul offering. Feel free to use this entire song up with every listen. The album art doesn't hurt either because when doesn't a hair cut feel amazing?

41. Bad Things Remix ft. Killer Mike — Snoh

The first of two Killer Mike remixes in this tier. Killer Mike eases seamlessly into Snoh stellar track to make himself right at home with the low key and dark beat.

40. About The Money Killer Mike Remix — T.I. & Young Thug

T.I. might be the headliner but make no mistake about it, this is Young Thug’s coming out party. Make no mistake About the Money is one of the best rap songs of 2014.

Group K: Lost in the Girl

39. Child’s Play ft. Chance the Rapper — SZA

The first three lines set the tone of the song perfectly and never looks back.

Ripping the heads off all my Barbie dolls/Toss them to the side, give them convertibles/Click vroom, I like the way it rides up

No hooks or a chorus, only two stellar verses by two talented artists. What more could you want?

38. Lost in the Girl — Kwamie Liv

In the summer I wrote that you can’t help but get lost in Kwamie’s hypnotic voice. Nothing has changed. Kwamie still sounds like a text you get at two in the morning, a feeling of anticipation, uncertainty, and calm.

Group I: OVO

37. 0 to 100/The Catch Up — Drake

Drake shows off his full versatility in this song. Slowing things down at the 2:40 mark and changing a banger into something else. As he caps it off with a James Blake outro , giving us a glimpse of the future. I can’t wait for what he has to offer us in 2015.

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