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FANZONE enables fans to collect, play, and trade digital cards of their favourite athletes as NFTs. The platform for next-level fan experiences is ending 2021 on a high note by letting fans kick penalties… or try to stop them.

Our Penalties game is LIVE now. Every card from all of our football zones can be used to play. The goal for our Penalties Game is to create a very approachable and fun experience that allows you to use your cards in an interactive way while increase their worth.

In the STRIKER mode you choose a card to shoot the penalty with.

In the GOALKEEPER mode you assign a goalkeeper card to defend goal areas.

Striker Mode

In the Striker Mode you want to score penalty goals by completing two minigames. You can only play a maximum of 20 penalties per day and each round costs 1 Energy Charge. You gain 1 Energy Charge every hour. Play against the hardest opponents to gain the most rewards.

Card and Opponent Selection

You can pick player cards from all football zones. If you pick higher rarity cards, you’ll get to play against harder opponents. But the rewards get better with harder opponents. If you choose the hardest opponent, you get the best reward. You can use each card once per day. Or pay some FANZONE Credits to use the same card again.

Goal Target Selection

You now choose where you want to shoot the ball. Your opponent goalkeeper will guard a few of those spots. The higher the rarity of the goalkeeper, the more spots are guarded. Follow your intuition and choose a spot. If you manage to target a non-guarded spot your chance to score the penalty will be a lot higher. The game will start afterwards.

Minigame: Force Meter

In this minigame you’ll choose the force of your shot. Try to stop the handle when it hits the dark green area for the best result. But if you wait too long your shot will be too strong. This will significantly reduce your chance to score a goal. You can stop the handle in a few ways: hit the green button, tap on the force meter itself or if you’re using a browser, you can hit SPACE on your keyboard.

Minigame: Hit the Target

Now you try to hit your target in the second minigame. The big hexagon will shrink down to the size of your target. Try to stop it once the size equals the outer border of your target. If you hit too soon or too late it will decrease your chance to hit the target and score a goal. You can stop the shrinking hexagon by either hitting the green button, your target area or by pressing the SPACE key (browser).

Win or Lose

The result is not fixed. As in a real penalty shot, you never know what happens. There are many factors that influence your win-lose chance, like…

Which opponent are you facing? If the opponent has a higher rarity, you’re less likely to win. Did you target a goal area defended by the goalkeeper? If yes, the goalkeeper gets the advantage. Otherwise, you’re more likely to win.

But the biggest impact is coming from the minigames. If you have great results in both minigames, you can win every game!

Goalkeeper Mode

In the Goalkeeper Mode you set a goalkeeper guard to defend your goal and earn rewards for you passively. You can change your goalkeeper and guarded spots as often as you want. Make sure you collect your goalkeeper rewards regularly because we limit the amount that can be stored at once:

  • Reward Points: up to a maximum of 10 at once and 50 per day.
  • FNCs: up to a maximum of 1 at once and 2 per day.

Select your Goalkeeper

You can pick any goalkeeper from every football zone. Higher rarity goalkeepers can guard more spots in the goal. Your goalkeeper will automatically play against other users in the Striker Mode. If your goalkeeper wins the round, you will earn rewards. Return regularly to the game to collect your rewards because your goalkeeper can only hold a limited amount.

Select your guarded Spots

Depending on your goalkeeper card rarity, you can select 1–4 guarded zones. You can select one after the other by just clicking on the spots in the goal you want to guard. Once you have made all your selections you can save it by clicking the green button. You can come back any time to change your goalkeeper card or the guarded zones.

Onboarding / Starter / Common = 1 guarded spot

Rare = 2 guarded spots

Epic = 3 guarded spots

Legendary / Special = 4 guarded spots

Your reading time is over!

Choose your best strikers and favourite goalkeepers to start earning Reward Points.

If you have further questions, you can check our Penalty Game FAQs.

See you in the pitch!



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