The Why

Behind FashTime #1

The most important thing in a company, from the point of view of its own members, is the Purpose. No single doubt about it.

How were you born? What were you born for? Why do you exist? Why are you doing something?

The Purpose is the driver of a company’s vision and it makes you come up with — and focus daily on — a business-oriented mission, through which you wanna serve your Purpose.

Sometimes, purpose and mission are the same thing in a company.

Sometimes, purpose and mission are clearly distinct. Indeed, the former is more philosophical and abstract (the great why) and the latter is more business/technology/product oriented and more practical (the what and how).

You also have to differentiate between the team’s purpose and the company’s purpose.

Why we are here, why we work everyday — THE MOVING WHY

“We are here to add more colours and bring more light into people’s lives; Be an inspiration for more life self-expression, — transparency, -awareness and –improvement
We believe in adding more to Life through design-&-tech-driven fashion-digital products and inspiring living breathing creative projects”

Why FashTime is here, why FashTime works every day — THE MOVING WHY

FashTime is here to enhance the way we express, perceive and identify ourselves and make decisions, as individuals or brands”
The “Moving Why” is what drives our inner selves.
Now, the great question is though…

Why FashTime? Why Fashion? Why Time? — THE STARTING WHY

Well, let’s first talk about the concept of…


Our starting point was the quote by A. Warhol…

“In the future everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes”.

Clearly, this quote is super interesting and modern in the current state of the world: the digital world.

Time is the most important gift you can give to one person. To say you don’t have time means you’re not interested.

So, why not turning this concept into a real thing? making everyone have their own 15 minutes. Literally.

In our mind and heart, Time needed to be the new currency of nowadays social media reality: Attention and Interest rule the social media world. No more likes, thanks. Think in seconds!

That’s when we decided to apply the concept of Time to…


Indeed, these two concepts are linked to each other.

First of all,

Fashion is more than a piece of cloth: it’s how you express your personality. How you want to present yourself to the world. It’s who you are, who you were and who you’re gonna be.

However, “The like” tends to bring down or over-boost the expressive esteem of lots of people.

Fashion is an art of self-expression, the outfit of confidence, a choice that you make every day.

Every single day you decide how to present yourself to the world when you go out. Sometimes, you are confident, sometimes not, sometimes you don’t care.

The truth is that no matter if you don’t wear a suit&tie: if you are cool with what you wear and how you wear it, if you develop your swag (even with the extra help of others), your personality, your way of expressing yourself, if you are 100% YOU…you can give 100% of YOU to the world and have an impact.

That’s why Fashion is more than wearing something.

It’s about you, how you wear something, what you do and how you feel within a context or environment, the people around you. Everyone wears the same thing on their own terms.

In our mind and heart:

Fashion is not liking something. It’s more like paying attention to something, being interested in something. Time is key in Fashion. Time is what defines Fashion.

So, the second point turned out to be

“transforming how we perceive Fashion and the world around us”


“driving the world forward through Fashion”

while, the first one became…

making everyone have their own 15 minutes of Fashion/be fashionable for 15 minutes”

Everyone can be Fashion, without the pressure to please others and by knowing that you cannot please everyone.

That’s how FashTime was born:

Fashion + Time

Our moving purpose derives naturally from a deeper realization and elaboration of these two concepts: Fashion and Time are the ingredients. The Why is the cake.

Like we said before, FashTime is here to enhance the way we express, perceive and identify ourselves and make decisions, as individuals or brands.
We believed (and still do) that focusing on Fashion and Time was (and is) the best first-move for this to occur.

FashTime is young (funded) tech-startup on a mission to make fashion-digital disruptions that drive the world forward. We see a stronger world connected through Fashion and Time. Follow us on Instagram :)