Vision & Mission

The Future is Like-free.

Apr 30, 2018 · 4 min read


“In the future everyone will we world famous for 15 minutes” A. Warhol

“I think we’ll end up doing universal basic income, […] it’s going to be necessary” E. Musk

Vision — what we see and chase

Once you know and understand your purpose and ingredients, it’s time to move to the next level.

Having a clear articulable Vision is like saying:

“ok, now that I know my purpose, where am I going from that?”.

Being able to articulate the vision and make it understandable is key in order to create a sustainable company: the vision is the long-term destination.

FashTime’s vision is the framework for our Roadmap + guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.

It consists of 5Ps:


The future (of social fashion and fashion advertising) is Like-free. We see a stronger world connected through Time: users, and their own time, are the real value.


Becoming the most valuable attention platform and reference point for the Gen Z and all the fashion lifestyle brands…

…A platform where the younger generations are comfortable with giving their attention away, feel empowered each second they share with and are willing to spend more valuable time on.

We aim at creating a sustainable ecosystem that shows a sense of purpose, where its users — together — can express who they truly are & represent with no type of social pressure, become who they want, have a real authentic influence on others and be rewarded for the time they invest and the positive non-fake attention they generate for the community.

Happier users means happier brands.


Thanks to FashTime, we see a world where we can:

· Wear our true colours and feel like our best selves, without the pressure to please others and fear of non-recognition, while still being respectful and open.

· Live for the moment without forgetting who we are: while leaving behind what prevents us from fully living in the present.

· Be seen and feel truly rewarded for who we are and what we do.


Be the partner of choice and add value on a constant basis, without compromising the essence of the company.


Be known as a company that thrives on design-thinking and social-digital innovation.

Mission — What we do and how

Purpose and vision frame our mission: what we do daily and how we do it. Basically, it tells you what we do in order to achieve our vision and how we’re gonna serve our purpose.

Again, our mission is different from our purpose because is more practical and represents our execution part.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to drive social media forward by re-imagining it. That means putting users, and their own time, first.

We create a more fulfilling, authentic and inclusive social platform that connects Gen Z and Brands, where Time becomes a real fashion currency and the “Like”​ no longer exists.

FashTime tokenizes time, reimagines how fashion is shared & time is traded and helps brands move forward with the new generation. Digitally.

Users earn a new form of income & experience social media in a more authentic way, free of pressure. Brands see a higher attention span from users & an increased ROI.

Currently, we’re disrupting the broken social media fashion and fashion advertising market with a focus on Gen Z.


FashTime is a young (funded) tech-startup that is reimagining social media through a disruptive platform: Follow us on Instagram :)

Welcome to the blog of FashTime.

Welcome to the blog of FashTime. We are here to share and document our incredible journey with you. The Future is Like-Free. Think in Seconds.


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Bringing the power & monetary value of time to social media users & brands, in the fashion lifestyle market.

Welcome to the blog of FashTime. We are here to share and document our incredible journey with you. The Future is Like-Free. Think in Seconds.

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