Fearless Wallet Ecosystem Updates #78, June 5, 2024

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3 min readJun 5, 2024

Exciting iOS, Android, and desktop enhancements, key collaborations, and upcoming initiatives!

This edition highlights ongoing developments across iOS, Android, and Desktop platforms, including new UI/UX enhancements and upcoming integrations with Polkaswap liquidity pools. Stay tuned for insights into our collaborations and upcoming initiatives.

🤖 Android Updates

Fearless Wallet v3.5.2 is live! Here’s what’s new:

🪙 Smooth Asset Management: Enhanced “Asset management” flow for convenient actions with your assets.

🔗 Boosted Performance: Chain connection optimisations for faster app load times.

🔛 Better Onboarding: Updated onboarding flow showcasing the new “Asset management.

🫂 OKlink Support: New block explorer and transaction history provider powered by OKX.

In progress:

  • Polkaswap liquidity pool integration → Approximately 20% complete.

🍎 iOS Updates

Fearless Wallet iOS v 3.6.3 in progress, manual update available!

What’s new:

🪙 Streamlined Asset Management: Our brand new “Asset management” flow ensures smoother and more convenient actions with your assets.

🔗 Optimized Performance: Enjoy faster app load times with our chain connection optimisations.

🔛 Enhanced Onboarding: New to Fearless Wallet? Our updated onboarding now showcases the new “Asset management” flow.

🫂 OKlink Support: Dive into detailed transaction histories with our new block explorer and transaction history provider, OKlink, powered by the OKX team.

In progress:

  • Polkaswap liquidity pool integration → Approximately 60% complete.

🍎 🤖 Crucial fix update for both iOS and Android

iOS v3.5.3 and Android v3.4.5 were released on the 2nd of May.

  • Staking updates to support recent Dotsama runtime upgrades.
  • Avail Goldberg & Turing Testnets support.

🖥 Desktop Updates

  • Polkaswap liquidity pool integration → on the testing stage.
  • Technical debt resolution.
  • Firefox release deployment and corresponding issues → Firefox App Store review is underway.

🚀 Collaborations and future initiatives

🤝 Building and strengthening relationships with Avail chain, Cosmos Hub, Oasys, etc

🤝 TEAMZ 2024 SUMMIT attendance in April

🤝 Caga Crypto partnership. CAGA chain x Fearless Wallet AMA is happening this week!

🤝 OKLINK follow-ups: explorer, data analytics, and service provider powered by OKX

Fearless Wallet’s innovation and drive for the future never stop!

Bottom Line

Fearless Wallet continues to pioneer innovations within the Polkadot, SORA, and Ethereum ecosystems, ensuring users have seamless access to decentralized applications and diverse blockchain networks. Explore our previous updates and join our vibrant community through our social channels for more updates on our journey. Stay Fearless!

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Fearless Wallet
Fearless Wallet

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