Organizing My Thoughts

I’m writing right now to try and unscramble my brain. The list of shit I need to do has grown enormous. It is so overwhelming that I have apathy towards the whole thing. It feels like no matter how much I do it will never all get done. But it has to get done.

My life is a mess right now. My house is a mess. My car is a mess. My store is a mess.

My thoughts are a mess.

So I’ve decided to try and organize at least my thoughts by making a list of all the tasks that I have to do and then to categorize them. Part of the reason this is all so messed up is that I switched from a To Do List to a Calendar. And I continued to add tasks to my calendar while pushing other tasks I couldn’t get to further into the future. This has caused a massive pile up.

The categories (in order of importance) are: Opening the store, updating the website and apps, personal responsibilities, and marketing.

Tasks — 
Opening the store

  • Call Rick about removing bulk trash.
  • Hire the first employee. Right now I’m offering the job to employees of the laundromat I outsource to, but if they fall through I will have to go through the entire process of creating an online job application, placing an ad, interviewing, and training.
  • Strip the floor in the lobby. This basically involves a deep chemical scrub of the laminate floor. Probably a 2-hour project.
  • Buy and install remaining equipment and supplies. 2 folding tables. Detergents. Gloves. Cash Register. Laundry carts. Doorbell. Scale.
  • Re-install all the ceiling tiles.
  • Order the glass for the office window.
  • Buy a security system.
  • Design the menu.
  • Order the hanging sign.
  • Order all the posters and menu.
  • Hire a cleaning crew.

Updating the Website and Apps

  • Update the order form to include payment method.
  • Online Job Application.
  • Online Gift Card sales.
  • Add pictures and item modifiers to the Square app.
  • Learn the employee software and add myself as an employee.
  • Send invoices to La Quinta.

Personal Responsibilities

  • Set up credit card payments for the new credit card used to buy washers & dryers.
  • Re-schedule Jury Duty.
  • Clean the car thoroughly.
  • Go through the mail.
  • Update car registration.
  • Renew the lease with the tenant.


  • Virtual office locations for Google Maps.
  • Facebook ads for the store and for gift cards.
  • Switch the Google ads from old (virtual) location to new (actual) location.
  • Door to door partner marketing to apartment complexes and high rises.

Ok now I just need to knock out as much of this stuff as I can.