Feren OS 2023.04 — a tribute release for a soon-to-end era of Feren OS

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3 min readApr 19


Welcome to the announcement for the newest minor ISO release, at the time, of Feren OS: “Feren OS 2023.04”. This minor updates release is codenamed “Nihonium”, and is, again, a bunch of minor updates to keep the version of Feren OS available for download up-to-date while development continues on Feren OS 2023.07.

Updating from 2023.01

As always, it’s simple to update to Feren OS 2023.01. Just go into the Update Manager, hit Refresh, and install any updates that might be there. Once you’ve done that, congrats, you’re now on Feren OS 2023.04!

NOTE: If some packages fail to download, cancel the update, Refresh, and try again.

New backgrounds

Since this is a release of Feren OS, even if just a minor updates release, there is a new set of backgrounds to look forward to in Feren OS 2023.04.

However, as this is a tribute release, you can also expect this new background selection to include:

  • Most of the default backgrounds seen throughout Feren OS Classic’s lifetime
  • A hand picked selection of backgrounds from Feren OS Classic’s lifetime
  • Never-before-seen scrapped Feren OS backgrounds
  • A few new wallpapers from prior sources

All on top of having a bunch of new wallpapers from Unsplash, and an all-new default background to fit with this release’s theme.

Development continues on 2023.07…

Development is continuing on Feren OS’s big release, however, behind the scenes. If you are unsure about why it is being referred to as “2023.07”, then check out this post about the release’s delays. Otherwise, you can check out the newly released Alpha of Feren OS 2023.07 here.

FINAL REMINDER: Feren OS Classic will reach end-of-life on April 30th

As of publishing this post, we are now ten days away from the end of life of Feren OS Classic, as well as Feren OS July 2018 Snapshot — July 2020 Snapshot.

After the 30th of April, Feren OS Classic and those aforementioned Feren OS releases will only receive updates needed to fix the Major Updater over time, and they will also:

  • Stop receiving security updates
  • Stop receiving software updates
  • See program support decline
  • Possibly start failing to install specific packages available from the Store

It is highly recommended that 64-bit users use the Major Updater to update as soon as possible, and that 32-bit users either attempt to install 64-bit Feren OS or upgrade/replace their hardware to stay supported.

I’m squeezing in some final updates for Feren OS Classic to tie up some remaining loose ends, such as known bugs that are easy to fix, and so on, but otherwise the time is nearly upon us to say farewell to the era of Feren OS that started it all.

There are plans in place to celebrate Feren OS Classic for everything it did for Feren OS, and even other projects and me, so keep an eye on Feren OS on Twitter, Discord, and Mastodon for when that happens.

For now, enjoy the website’s temporary homepage redesign, now in the style of the Feren OS homepage seen during Feren OS 2017.0’s heyday, as it has gone retro for the occasion.