Part 3: Meet the Rest of Our Midwestern and Canadian Members

Meet the South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Canada FTTH Members at the Upcoming New Economy Conference

Fiber is the fastest way to deliver broadband, no matter which country you are from! Check out these seven FTTH Council members from the American Midwest and from Canada. You can meet them and our other amazing members at this year’s Fiber to the New Economy Conference in Downtown Minneapolis.

As we noted in the last two spotlights, which showcased our Minnesotan members and our Iowan members, the conference’s entire economic development program — every session, every speaker — will concentrate on the relationship between advanced communications capabilities, economic development, and work creation. Experienced and talented presenters will provide useful, practical information that anyone can take home and put to use at once — including economic research, case histories, how-to materials, examples of what’s working and what’s not, lessons-learned, and invaluable insights.

Visit the Fiber to the New Economy homepage for more information about the conference. We hope to see you there!

FARR Technologies LLC

FARR Technologies has been an industry game-changer since their start in 2012! This South Dakotan company isn’t afraid to think outside the box. FARR uses innovative outside plant staking and inspection techniques to lower costs and increase quality and accuracy! Check out this video of FARR’s David Fridley speaking about the idea of “questioning all assumptions,” as the need for multiple revenue streams from installed broadband pipes becomes an ever-critical step that the industry should be taking — as the saying goes, divide and conquer!

Amherst Telephone Company (Tomorrow Valley Communications)

Speaking of changes, Amherst Telephone Company is now Tomorrow Valley Communications! Serving Eastern Portage County and parts of Western Waupaca County in Wisconsin since 1903, this FTTH Council Member has expanded its original telephone services to include high speed internet, television, and fiber optics.

Tomorrow Valley Communications’ business customers will be happy to know that Tomorrow Valley Communications is now offering high speed fiber services to the Portage County Business Park! The future is bright for this Wisconsin member and its customers.

TDS Telecom

TDS Telecom has been committed to the communities it serves for nearly fifty years; earlier this month TDS Field Service Technician Gabe Palma proved that commitment. He noticed a couple stranded by the side of the road by their car, which was in flames. Thanks to his quick thinking and the TDS safety policy for technicians to carry two fire extinguishers and a five gallon jug of water in their vehicles, Palma was able to save the day.

“I was glad I had the tools available to help them,” Palma said.

TDS Telecom’s stellar customer service, along with its cutting-edge technology services, makes it an asset to its clients and the the FTTH community. We’re glad to have companies like TDS Telecom — and field service technicians like Palma — on our team!

West Wisconsin Telecom Cooperative

West Wisconsin Telecom Cooperative may be based in Downsville, Wisconsin, but things are looking up for this member company. It was one of twelve rural companies honored last month by the Rural Broadband Association after winning a Smart Rural Community Showcase award!

The nationally-recognized West Wisconsin Telecom Cooperative is locally owned and operated, as it has been since its start in 1954. Congratulations, West Wisconsin Telecom Cooperative! You have always been winners in our book.

Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA)

Canadian FTTH Council Member CABA has been a key industry hub for decades. CABA is an enduring resource for its members; offering research opportunities and data, participation in standards, protocols, and technology working groups, industry insights, and more.

“CABA is an excellent organization,” said Siemens Vice President Brad Haeberle. “Its mantra is to be the definitive information source for home and building automation and it achieves this objective by providing the industry with outstanding research and practical steps to drive the development of high performance homes and buildings.”

Like FTTH, CABA is committed to providing the best for its members! As part of this enduring commitment, CABA launched the CABA Research Program in 2010 to do “market research for both large building technologies and home systems.” We’re proud to have CABA as a FTTH Council member!

Gosfield North Communications

Ontario-based Gosfield North Communications is hard at work bringing fiber to their customers, no matter how remote they are! Gosfield North Communications is commencing a 16–20 month project to build fiber capabilities in the Municipality of Lakeshore. This groundbreaking project, the first of its kind in the region, will bring fiber optics to a rural community that has never had these services before. Gosfield North Communications is proud to welcome its rural customers into the fiber future. More power to them!

High Speed Crow Inc.

“Soaring to New Heights” was the aptly titled article in last month’s issue of the Today’s Executive Network (TEN) magazine, in which High Speed Crow was a featured company! TEN interviewed High Speed Crow founder and president Bryan King on the company’s beginnings, its future, and its ambitious fiber-optic project. Read the whole story on page six of TEN Magazine’s September issue by clicking here!

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