5 Reasons DatEat Chose To List On FinanceX

D, T, and E have been popular letters within the FinanceX community in recent days as FinanceX announced that the listing date of DTE is approaching. Holding or selling newly listed ICO-purchased tokens always creates a headache for early investors. However, after analyzing why DatEat decided to choose the FinanceX trading platform as the first home for DTE may help you make the right decision to optimize profits.

FinanceX is a fiat-to-coin trading platform supporting VND and Vietnamese banks

Investors in DTE will be well-aware that the Singapore-based DatEat company are mostly made up of Vietnamese team members. DatEat know the local market well attracting a large portion of early investors from Vietnam. Having recently launched in Vietnam with great success, FinanceX is the perfect home for DTE, a token with endless potential. The exchange already supports VND (Vietnamese Dong).

Easy to support investors

As DatEat has a large number of investors in Vietnam, FinanceX can provide support and timely answers to questions/queries, not only in English, but in Vietnamese also. Opening the first exchange in Vietnam in August 2018, the FinanceX exchange product is more than ready for the traffic. Support staff are almost 24/7 and customers are extremely satisfied with reply times. DatEat made a great choice with FinanceX.

Low trading fees

High trading fees discourage customers from making many trades driving liquidity way down. FinanceX trading fees are 0.3% with no other costs allowing short-term traders to keep accumulating small profits constantly. Low trading fees prevent liquidity from dropping encouraging a competitive tarding environment for every supported coin, including DTE.


A major factor when choosing to trade on an exchange is the level of security. Wouldn’t it be a disaster for an ICO to list on a vulnerable exchange and have the their assets taken immediately! FinanceX is a trusted platform with all of the security measures that a world-class exchange should have. KYC confirms the identity of traders wanting to withdraw significant amounts of money. 2FA available using Google Authenticator or email requires confirmation for logins, deposits and withdrawals ensuring the request is only successfully processed by the true account owner. And cold wallet storage means traders assets are unreachable to online hackers.

Step into the Southeast Asian market

FinanceX is creating an interexchange network between countries, initially in Southeast Asia, supporting the local currency (fiat) of each nation. We are only weeks away from launching the second exchange in Indonesia adding IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) to the list of supported fiat. With the goal of launching in six more Southeast Asian countries in 2019, FinanceX exposes DTE to their first target market. It’s a match made in heaven!


DTE token holders can breathe a sigh of relief! Your tokens are safe with FinanceX. FinanceX is the perfect place for new listings as we launch in many more countries and liquidity grows. You can trust in DatEat even more as you know they have made the right decision.

Stay tuned for upcoming annoucements about our partners to be, DatEat!


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