New payment utility — 10 times faster than normal

FinanceX introduces new payment method using Voucher. It helps users to deposit and withdraw Cash 10 times as fast as normal payment.

Using Voucher, you will be no longer depends on banks even foreigners using international banks when FinanceX partners are always willing to support anytime as well.

Let’s check out How to redeem a Voucher:

A- How to create a voucher

Step 1: Log in to your account.

Step 2: Click “Balances” => “Voucher”

Step 3: Select the currency you want to redeem vouchers in “Select wallet” box

=> Enter the amount andthe value of the voucher you want to redeem (Value per voucher)

For example: Create 2 vouchers with the value of each voucher is 50,000,000 IDR.

Step 4: Click “Submit” => Redeem a successful voucher.

Note: The new created Voucher and voucher will be displayed in the “History” table of the “Generate” page.

B — How to use voucher

I. Load voucher

Step 1: Copy the code in the history section of the “Generate” page.

Step 2: Select “Apply” => enter the copied code in step 1 into the “Voucher code” box

Step 3: Click “Apply code” => Load voucher successfully

Note: Charge for voucher is 1% per voucher value

II. Transfer voucher

Step 1: Click “Transfer” at the voucher code you want to transfer

Step 2: Enter the email of the voucher recipient in the email box

Step 3: Click “Submit” => Transfer successful voucher

If there are any problems encountered during the use of our service, please contact or Telegram, Facebook, LiveChat for assistance.

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