The Road To FinanceX Indonesia

FinanceX Indonesia goes live on Friday, November 30th marked by our grand opening event at The President Lounge in Jakarta. Since FinanceX first launched on August 20th in Vietnam, through hard work and determination the team are now just hours away from establishing the second FinanceX exchange just three short months later!

The commitment shown by the team to honor our roadmap is refreshing for investors as most ICOs fail miserably to keep their promises. Expect to see FinanceX established in Thailand and the Philippines early next year! Now is the perfect time to reflect on the journey that got us to this point — the impending launch of FinanceX exchange Indonesia.

Southeast Asia Tour

On September 20th, one month after establishing our Vietnamese exchange, the FinanceX BODs took to the air on what would be a 12 day tour of Southeast Asia covering four countries and planting the necessary seeds to expand our brand in the technologically growing region.

FinanceX CEO, Peter Dinh, speaking at “Blockchain Technology In The 4th Industrial Revolution”

The team landed in Indonesia on September 26th in preparation for “Blockchain Technology In The 4th Industrial Revolution”, an event hosted by FinanceX at President University, Kota Jababeka. The event was highlighted by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between President University and FinanceX Labs establishing FinanceX Labs Blockchain Technology Research Center.

Henry Ng, Head of FinanceX Labs and FinanceX CTO, is passionate about sharing blockchain knowledge and wants to contribute his expertise to innovative progress in what has already become a revolution. FinanceX wants to be a shining light in blockchain education, development and application.

Rector of President University, Dr. Jony Haryanto, and Head of FinanceX Labs, Henry Ng, at PU signing a MoU to establish what will be a leading blockchain institute

Following the event, VIP guests attended a panel discussion where attendees discussed “How Blockchain is helping smart cities become more transparent.” Incorporating blockchain into the development of smart cities will make it possible to have a cross-cutting platform that connects the cities’ different services, adding greater transparency and security to all processes.

FinanceX CEO, Peter Dinh, also gave his opinion on the future of money:

“No cash will exist in the next Industrial Revolution. People will use smartphones as the main payment method. No exchange rate, no limitations, no middlemen. Everyone will keep their database and control it. Each transaction’s information will be opened transparently.”

The Indonesian part of the tour also included meetings with partners and investors the objective being to strengthen current, and form new relationships of mutual benefit. FinanceX built upon our partnership with IntrEx, and also connected with companies in the local blockchain industry such as HonestMining.

Dinner with one of Indonesian’s favorite sons

Founder and Chairman of Jababeka Group, S.D. Darmono (front-center-left), alongside his wife and former students of President University, FinanceX CEO, Peter Dinh (front-right), and CTO, Henry Ng (front-left)

To top-off the Indonesian experience the FinanceX founding team were invited for dinner at the residence of Mr. S.D. Darmono, one Indonesia’s greatest success stories. He is the founder and chairman of the Jababeka Group, the first real estate group to be listed on the Jakarta and Surabaya Stock Exchanges, and creators of Kota Jababeka, the largest industrial area in Southeast Asia.

His name is well-known among the wider community and officials an entrepreneur who is multitalented and is a national asset. Mr. Darmono is also leading tourism and conservation programs, including the UNESCO World Heritage sites, as well as the revitalization of Jakarta’s Old City.

Mr. Darmono is also the Founder of President University, the educating institution producing FinanceX CEO, Peter Dinh, and CTO, Henry Ng as international students on scholarships. The group discussed the potential implementation of blockchain technologies in Kota Jababeka.

SD Darmono (center) flanked by FinanceX CEO, Peter Dinh (left), and CTO, Henry Ng, holding their gifts, “Building A Ship While Sailing,” Mr. Darmono’s latest book

Peter and Henry were gifted, “Building A Ship While Sailing,” Mr. Darmono’s latest book. In the book, SD Darmono describes the last 7 decades of Indonesian development from post World War II through to the modern day challenges of urbanization and the cyber space age.

He also had a message for the FinanceX pair which he left in each book:

“Hope your venture in crypto currency will help many people.”

Signing of a strategic partnership with Silkroad Eight

FinanceX CEO, Peter Dinh, and Silkroad Eight CEO, Achmad N Hidayat, shake hands following the agreement signing

FinanceX and promising Indonesian blockchain company, Silkroad Eight, laid the foundation for a long-lasting relationship. CEO, Achmad N Hidayat, and COO, Andreas Bayu Saputro, visited the FinanceX offices to sign an agreement with FinanceX CEO, Peter Dinh, establishing a strategic partnership.

Each company discussed the market, the mutual benefits of the partnership, and strategies moving forward in to the Indonesian market. As mentioned before, Silkroad Eight acts as the bridge between businesses seeking investment and the investors themselves. Their security token, SET acts as the investment vehicle.

Fellow CEOs signing the agreement

Silkroad Eight provides a platform and a gateway for regular citizens to educate themselves on investment opportunities.

FinanceX sees immense potential in their project and want to make SET available to our community. Silkroad Eight also enjoy vast knowledge and expertize in the Indonesian market, helping FinanceX settle and grow in Indonesia.

FinanceX Indonesia Grand Opening Event

Come and celebrate the launch with our team at the grand opening event:

The President Lounge, Menara Batvia, Jl, K.H. Mas Mansyur № 126, Karet Tengsin, Tanah Abang, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10220
10am, November 30th, 2018

As if you didn’t have enough incentive to attend, FinanceX is also giving away a free gift of 500 FNX tokens to all-comers.

FinanceX, in celebration of our grand opening, is also offering a 20% bonus on FNX token for three days starting Thursday November 29th so don’t miss out!

Hope to see you there!


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