Build Privacy at Findora’s 2022 EthSF Hackathon

Hackers will compete for a $5,000 grand prize for the best use of Findora’s SDKs

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Come and build using privacy at Findora’s Eth SF Hackathon!

Findora is an innovative L1 that combines EVM programmability with zero-knowledge privacy. Consequently, Findora is looking for hackathon submissions that showcase confidential transfers or selective disclosure of personal data using Findora’s SDKs.

$5,000 will be awarded to the team or individual with the best submission. Also, feel free to swing by and learn more about zero-knowledge cryptography and how to apply it to your project.

Documentation for the Privacy Routing SDK and ZK-DID SDK.

Findora’s Hackathon Challenges and Details

There is a grand prize of $5,000 for the individual or team that creates the best privacy dApp.

Findora’s hackathon follows two tracks:

  1. Best use of the Privacy Routing SDK for confidential transfers.
  2. Best use of the ZK-DID SDK for selective disclosure of personal data.

Challenge #1: Use the Privacy Routing SDK for private transfers between wallets on the Findora EVM chain. Get creative by combining your private transfer on Findora with another project’s hackathon challenge.

Challenge #2: Use Findora’s ZK-DID solution to allow selective disclosure of personal data. Provide users with the ability to issue proofs of their credentials to third-party dApps (e.g. proof of age, GPA, credit score, or other).

Read FIP-3 or learn more about Zk-DID.

The grand prize of $5,000 in USDT will be rewarded to the team or individual with the best use of the SDKs. Submissions will be judged by a panel from Discreet Labs, a contributor to the Findora protocol.

Click here to register before November 1st.

Why Privacy?

Findora believes privacy is a necessary component of any financial system, and the lack of privacy is holding Web3 back from mainstream adoption.

Users would be troubled to discover that others have the ability to see their bank account balances and transactions. Companies would avoid issuing payroll or costs for fear of exposing sensitive information to competitors. Yet that is the current experience on Web3.

Web3 must provide a comparable level of privacy as Web2 before mass adoption is possible. This is the mission of Findora.

Findora is using zero-knowledge proofs to create a privacy platform that can solve these problems. By combining privacy and auditability, by prioritizing compliance and personal ownership of data, Findora prepares Web3 for real-world application and lays the foundation for a free and decentralized digital future.


ZK-DID has the ability to restore ownership of personal data to users.

For example, you could prove your credit score is above a certain number, or your GPA is above a certain level, without revealing the specific numbers or other data. You could prove your age without disclosing your birth date.

Using zero-knowledge proofs, ZK-DID lets users choose what information they reveal to third parties while preserving the information they wish not to disclose.

What Is Findora

Findora combines the programmability of Ethereum with advanced privacy-providing ZK-technology. It allows developers to build innovative privacy dApps using Solidity, SDKs, and the functions they are familiar with.

An innovative L1, Findora is a leader in zero-knowledge cryptography. Its ZK-technology will allow developers to combine privacy and auditability for compliance purposes. Through SDKs, Findora is a plug-n-play privacy tool for all of Web3.

Findora makes Web3 viable for mass adoption through privacy and zero-knowledge innovation.

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