Findora’s August Rollup

Big names joining the Discreet Labs team, new project launched, new bridges being deployed and tested, and hosting the first Privacy Alliance Meetup — August was a BIG month for Findora!

Daniel W Finley
Findora Foundation
5 min readSep 6, 2022



Help Test the Polygon-to-Findora Bridge and Earn Rewards!

The Rialto Bridge team is deploying a Polygon-to-Findora path on Anvil, a testnet environment on the Findora network. The Findora Foundation is sponsoring a community testing campaign where participants can earn FRA and a Project Galaxy NFT by crossing the bridge. Click here to learn more and follow our walk-through video.

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Ethereum-to-Findora Bridge Deployed on Mainnet

The Rialto team has deployed a mainnet path linking Findora and Ethereum. Users will be able to migrate assets from Ethereum across Rialto to projects like Forlend on Findora’s ecosystem.

First Lending dApp on Findora Launches

Forlend is a lending dApp, like Compound or Aave, but built on Findora so that it can provide transactional privacy to users in the future. It aims to attract institutional capital to DeFi through confidential on-chain transactions that will protect trading strategies and user info. Learn more.

Forlend Launches on Findora

🤝Discreet Labs Expands Team

Discreet Labs, a leading developer of Findora, welcomes Daniel Pagan, Peter Abilla, and Giv Parvaneh to the team. The additions set Findora up for future growth and collaboration.

Daniel Pagan — Peter Abilla — Giv Parvaneh

Daniel Pagan — Head of Community and Communications

Pagan is a communications professional and will be helping to streamline messaging and community growth. Listen to Daniel’s Welcome AMA where he discusses privacy, his work history, and tips for starting a career in Web3.

Peter Abilla — Chief Business Officer at Discreet Labs

Abilla comes to us with years of Web3 experience building relationships and strategic partnerships. He brings an intuitive sense of community and ecosystem needs, and a strong vision for the growth of the Findora project. Discreet Labs believes he will be able to cultivate a mature privacy ecosystem.

Giv Parvaneh — VP of Developer Relations at Discreet Labs

Parvaneh has worked as a CTO and founder with experience successfully growing ecosystems. A former leader in Harmony’s developer growth, he aims to establish Findora as one of the most developer-friendly platforms in the Web3 space.

⚡️Validator’s Corner

Findora Hits 100 Active Validators in August!

Shout-out to EasyNode for pointing out this major milestone! If you’re interested in setting up a validator node to secure the network and earn rewards, read EasyNode’s walk-through and join the Validator Channel.

Validator Spotlights:

TillyOne: Based in California, TillyONE has been managing servers since he was 19. He believes proof of stake networks like Findora are the future and enjoys running the node with his family.

Brother.FRA: Brother is run by Kevin, who has always had a knack for technology and prefers using at-home hardware servers. He’s focused on supporting the communities he validates for and is excited to dive into ZK technology.

Fortune: David, who runs the Fortune node, is the creator of vStatsBot, a validator tool used to monitor a variety of proof-of-stake node statistics. With two kids, David still finds the time, day or night, to help his delegators.

Findora’s Interview with RockX

RockX sat down to do an interview with Findora, discussing how the future of privacy for Web3 and the technology that will create it.

🛠 Engineering Updates

FIP-2 Proposes Privacy with Auditablity

The first Findora Improvement Proposal (FIP) looks to create Auditable Privacy Preserving Assets, or APPAs, a new asset class as part of the ecosystem. FIP-2 offers token issuers a way to audit their Findora assets while retaining transaction privacy. Read more about FIP-2 in our Medium write-up.

EVM Staking Is On The Way

Staking is about to get a whole lot easier! An update that is in development would make delegating with an EVM wallet, like MetaMask, possible. Currently, staking is only possible on Findora’s Desktop Wallet.

Read more.

Findora EVM Privacy R&D

The team hopes to enable natively private transfers on Findora’s EVM, without using the UTXO ledger. They have begun researching EIP-1962 which offers more cryptographic functionality as well as exploring different options for ZK privacy circuits.

The Number of Validator Slots is Slated to Increase

Decentralization of the Findora Network is increasing with an upcoming update. The number of validator slots will be increasing to 100, allowing even more of our amazing validators to participate in consensus.

Read more.

Triple Masking Backend Progress

Engineers continue to make progress toward Triple Masking, a function that improves existing privacy solutions by allowing users to protect the asset type, amount, and wallet addresses of a transaction. Tied to these efforts, the team is working on simplifying Findora wallet addresses to support a single 0x… format as well as a fee estimator for wallets.

We’re Hiring!

Findora is always looking for top-notch talent, whether developers, engineers, community managers, or marketers. Please, if you’re interested in Findora or think you’d be a good fit, see what’s available, or reach out via Twitter DM to start a discussion!

About Findora

Scaling privacy for the future of Web3.

Findora builds privacy through advanced zero-knowledge proof cryptography. An innovative layer-1, it combines a native UTXO ledger optimized for privacy with an EVM extension for programmability and interoperability. Developers can leverage either model as they build dApps with auditable privacy.

We appreciate our developers and would love to onboard you to the Findora ecosystem. Please reach out, and join our social channels for more.

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