5MaD Podcast: the future of engaged, responsible news production and consumption

An interview with Isa Sonnenfeld from Google News Lab about new trends in digital journalism

This months, we are starting a new mini-series on 5 Minutes a Day. We are going to interview a number of experts, discussing with them the connection between daily news, journalism and contemplation.

Our first interview features Isa Sonnenfeld, head of the Google News Lab in Berlin. We’ll be talking about her own news consumption, new trends in digital journalism and how we can stimulate a more engaging, responsible news consumption.

Here are some of the resources Isa mentioned on the podcast:

To save things you want to read later: Pocket.com
To see what your friends are reading: Recommendation App Nuzzel

Check out Quartz App from The Atlantic and the German Resi App from Martin Hoffmann as examples of the new Conversational Journalism

Constructive Journalism by Ulrik Haagerup

Examples of 360° / VR and news:
Guardian 6x9
Berliner Morgenpost — So leben Flüchtlinge (in German)

And here are some great pieces of digital journalism Isa refers to:
Zeit Online on the Flüchtlingskrise (in German)
Zeit Online on the Silvesternacht (in German)
BBC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1BLsySgsHM
New York Times — Fractured Lands: how the Arab world came apart

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