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Sharing what I learn on this epic journey called life. I am a fellow traveller, entrepreneur, business consultant, computer scientist and tech-enthousiast. Reach out!
Note from the editor

Hi, I’m FJ. I ponder about the meaning of life, productivity, the impact of new technologies, my travel plans, building startups and much more. I used to journle, now I blog so you can be the antidote to living in my personal echo-chamber. I hope you learn something from me, as I hope learning from you. This is my personal blog and my opinions do not reflect the official position of the companies I work for. FJhendrix.com is only a part of my online real-estate, check out stealmyidea.com and getsleek.co for some of my other ventures.

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Florian Hendrickx
Entrepreneur — Getsleek.co, Business Consultant and ex-computer scientist. Just adding my 2 cents, never claim to be right, sometimes less wrong ;)