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How to create the ultimate Wordpress RSS-to-Email Newsletter. And why you should!

Use your existing Wordpress website content to deliver a relevant, timely and engaging newsletter for your subscribers.


RSS to Email — what is it?

RSS-to-email is the process of taking content from an RSS feed and delivering it as an email to subscribers.

Why Wordpress RSS-to-email — and what are the benefits to you?

Put simply, Wordpress is great at RSS output and RSS to Email campaigns can deliver great subscriber engagement. Best of all, they don’t take up any of your time!

  • It’s a great way to repurpose your content
  • RSS to Email automates delivery, reducing resource requirements
  • Engaging newsletters are a great way to grow subscribers

Limitations of RSS-to-email

The limitations very much depend on the service you use to deliver your content and what you want to achieve. For the basic automated delivery of content when it is published to your subscribers, RSS to Email is perfect.

  1. Create multiple newsletters — so if a subscriber has multiple interests, they’ll receive multiple newsletters. Not ideal for anyone’s inbox zero attempts.
  2. Use a service like FlipRSS which is optimised for the delivery of multiple RSS feeds.

Automating multiple RSS feeds in email campaigns

If you want to automate multiple RSS feeds in your newsletters there are ways to do this, and the little effort required will be returned 10x.

Automated doesn’t mean impersonal

There are two elements of personalising email content:

  1. personalising the content within the newsletter based on subscriber preferences.

The ultimate RSS-to-email toolkit

The combination of FlipRSS, Mailchimp and Wordpress is an RSS-to-email marketers dream. This toolkit will help you empower subscribers, increase engagement and deliver results from your email campaigns that will be the envy of your competitors.

  • Wordpress — CRM with great default RSS handling
  • FlipRSS — automate and personalise multiple RSS Feed email campaigns
  • RSS Mix — RSS aggregator for merging multiple RSS feeds into a single
  • Fetch RSS — RSS Feed Generator
  • W3C Feed Validation — RSS feed validation tool
  • Feedburner — RSS Feed tracking and syndication
  • Feedly — RSS feed reader



Automate multiple RSS feeds in your email newsletters

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