The 5 best things I ate on a 5 day tour of California

Our good friend from England visited us for two weeks, it was her first trip to California, so we decided to take a quick 5 day tour up the coast. There was very little planning, it was really a get in the car and go type of adventure. Being such a quick trip which required getting a lot of sightseeing in, we weren’t able to plan or hit up all the top eats or places we would have liked but this is the list of the great meals we did find on our adventure in order of tastiness.

#5. Danish pancakes and Danish sausages at Paula’s Pancake House in Solvang

Danish pancakes are light and delicious and the sausage was so different and absolutely yummy.

#4. The Breakfast Sandwich at The Model Bakery in Napa

The homemade english muffin, anything in that is amazing so why not some eggs, ham, and cheese.

#3. Sizzling Iron Skillet of Double Mussels and Double Crab at The Stinking Rose in San Francisco

You can’t go wrong with roasted mussels, crab, drawn butter and garlic sizzling over an iron skillet.

#2. The pancakes at Dorn’s The Original Breakers Café in Morro Bay

The classic eggs and bacon were great, but the pancakes were some of the best I’ve ever had.

#1. Maple Bacon Fries at Umami Burger in Santa Monica

Possibly the best thing you will ever eat in your life. This is Umami.

Highly recommend all these meals and places if you get a chance to try any one of them you will be pretty happy.

Last and by far not least our overall best meal and experience was at Angèle Restaurant & Bar in Napa. The setting was perfect and we had a wonderful table outside in the warm Napa air. The bartender was amazing, she was very friendly and knowledgeable and would make us become regulars if we lived up there. The waiter and service was outstanding and the meal was so delicious that I wish the lighting of the photos could capture how awesome everything looked and tasted. This place is a must if you are in Napa!

Bread from Acme.
Fried Deviled Eggs, Crème Fraïche Mousse, Pomegranates, Pickled Jalapenõs. In the background: Housemade Wild Mushroom and Pumpkin Agnolotti, Fresh Ricotta, Almonds
Bacon Wrapped Roasted Chicken, Mushrooms and Baguette Stuffing, Farm Egg

California tastes so great I can’t wait to do it again! Always welcome recommendations, hint, hint.

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