Mail Order Bride Tours — What They Are and How They Work In 2023–2024

Now imagine a vacation where the sole goal of said vacation is to find you a perfect wife! You might imagine it’s fiction, but you’re in for a treat! You’ll be taking as many romance tours as you can, and every minute of your hunt for your soulmate will be pure bliss.

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What are Romance Tours?

A mail order bride tour (or romance tour) is basically a vacation with an end goal. This goal is to find a wife from the country a man vacationing in.

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Taking into account that mail order bride services do not guarantee a true love, here our to-do list for men who are looking for long-term relationships and marriage with mail order brides.

But what about online dating? Is It Better Than Romance tours?

Finding your match online has become a common thing for people who want to devote less time to the offline dating. According to Pew Research Center, 5% of Americans who are in a marriage or committed relationship say they met their significant other online. It means that online dating along with mail order bride services have become a common way for single people to find their soulmates rather than only increase their relationships circle.

How are singles tours organized?

Mail order bride tours are usually hosted by various companies connected with mail order bride services! The interested man is flown out to a country of his choosing. The popular ones are Russia, Ukraine, and a vast array of countries in South America and Asia. Once he arrives at his destination, he begins his tour around the country, seeing the sights and relaxing. The added benefit in romance tours is that he is accompanied by women who are potential brides. As they spend time together, the man can decide which girl he likes the most. The company will then arrange one on one dates for him. If all goes well, the man will pick a girl to marry, and this will conclude the romance tour!

Costs for mail order brides tours

The mail order bride price and the price of love tours always depends on two things: the type of love tour you want and the country of destination. If you choose group tours, you’ll pay a smaller amount of money compared to private trips. The price also varies depending on the distance between you and the desired place. For example, Russian dating tours can cost from 400$ to 5,000$. Moscow is a more expensive city than Prague. On average, expect to pay approximately 4,000$ for your romantic tour.

What are the different types of mail order bride tours?

There are two main types:

  1. Group tour

In a group tour, you will be accompanied by a group of men who have the same goal as you- marry the most beautiful girl. This means you’ll always have to stay on your toes, constantly making good first impressions and aggressively making approaches. The girls will choose who they like the most, and can get married to those men if the men also agree on the pairs. It’s worth noting that in a group tour, women of all ethnicity, ages and body types will accompany the group. This means that you might go home empty handed, either out of bad luck or from not finding a girl that suits your liking.

2. Personalized Tour

This is a more premium experience. In a personalized tour, you will be the only man present. You also get to choose the party who will accompany you- meaning you can decide the kind of women who will be by your side. You can choose what ethnicities you want, what age group and even the body type! Since you’re the only man present, you get to sit back and relax, and choose the right lady for you at your own leisure.

Top destinations for mail order bride tours

There’s an immense demand for stunning single ladies all across the globe. And matchmaking tours supply exactly what people need. The most popular regions and cities are usually crammed with historical museums, breathtaking sights, and other cool attractions to visit. Now, dating foreign women is not just a dream. Let’s take a closer look at top places for a mail order bride tour:

Slavic countries

  • Russia. Russian wife tours can’t skip this city that never sleeps. No need to explain the choice: the capital has the sexiest and most wifeable girls from all around the country. Russian bride tours in Moscow are on a whole another level: they offer you some unique services only available in this city, bring you closer to a different side of Russians, and show you all peculiarities of females here. A true Russian love tour must include the most romantic city in the country. SPb has it all to turn your boring romance trips into unforgettable rides and life-changing meetings. Many calm and serious women who search for deep connections choose Saint Petersburg as a city to live.
  • Ukraine. A lovely destination of almost all Ukraine brides tours is, of course, the cultural pearl of the country. The streets look ancient and European and create a romantic vibe in the city. Markets are a great place to walk around and see local girls. Ukrainian romance tours always recommend Lviv as your first destination for Slavic love search.

Asian brides tours

  • Thailand. This country has many gems that are worth the visit, but Chiang Mai is Thailand’s most romantic sight to see. Thailand bride tour in this city includes various attractions, jaw-dropping natural landscapes, and of course, dazzling Thai ladies for marriage.
  • Indonesia. Who hasn’t heard of a true paradise on Earth, the Bali Islands? Imagine meeting the love of your life on an unforgettable private bride tour, both enjoying new acquaintances and stunning views. Sounds just about right.
  • Japan. Another lovely destination for the lovers of Asian culture, ancient architecture, and Oriental women. Kyoto is soaked with gorgeous single girls and amazing views to visit. Nobody has ever complained about getting Asian bride tours to the second capital of Japan.

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Latin America

  • Panama. The light and joyful atmosphere of this town is perfect to find a future wife. Warm weather keeps nature blooming and single hearts open for feelings.
  • Costa Rica. A great Costa Rician town with lots of historical monuments and cool attractions which will enrich your trip with great memories.
  • Colombia. The country’s capital is often overlooked by tourists, so gorgeous ladies here are a secret surprise to true gentlemen who book Colombian bride tours. You’ll be astonished by the number of hot single Latina girls per km here.
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European marriage tours

  • France. Explanations are needless-what can be more romantic than single people meeting each other under a starry sky in the city of love? Thousands of guys choose this place as the destination for their first mail order bride tour.
  • Czech Republic. The cradle of European beauty and romance, Prague, is filled with historical and cultural sights that will make any love tour full of impressions and memories. It also gathers the prettiest Czech ladies from around the country.
  • Italy. A declared World Heritage Site city is definitely worth the trip. Romance tours often have their destinations scattered across Italy as it’s one of the most romantic and gorgeous European countries, including the unforgettable Florence.

Is it worth going on a mail order bride tour?

A mail order bride tour is an experience that every man should have in his lifetime at least once. These international romance tours are essentially vacations, but with the added benefit of finding real love through it! However, if you do decide to go on a matchmaking tour, it is heavily recommended that you choose a personalized singles tour. Albeit expensive, it has the added benefit of truly being a relaxing vacation surrounded by your own personal harem! One of those lucky ladies will definitely come home with you as well. Meanwhile, in a group tour, you won’t ever get a moment’s rest as you’ll have to be constantly trying to impress women who might not even choose you in the end.

Should you go for marriage tours? The answer is a hundred times “yes.” A bride tour is totally worth each penny spent, and additional costs for personalized tours are worth paying. Giddy up and break a leg on your journey of finding a happy-ever-after with foreign ladies.

Stages of international romance tours

Marriage tours have come a long way, and today’s modern brides are redefining the game. Let’s break it down:

  1. Choosing your matchmaker. Pick a reputable marriage broker that has been in the game for decades and has success rates over 80%! Pro tip: Check if they’re members of the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) for extra peace of mind.
  2. Profile browsing and pre-tour chat. Most agencies now offer virtual “speed dating” sessions. A Latin romance tour may include introductions, for example, weekly video mixers where you can chat with up to 20 potential matches in one night! It’s like The Bachelor, but you’re the star.
  3. Tour type selection. Solo tours are trending big time! A Colombia marriage tour reports a 60% increase in solo bookings since 2020. But don’t knock group tours — they’re great for making friends. One client told me he ended up best man at his tour buddy’s wedding with a Latin bride!
  4. The paperwork dance. Get ready for some travel requirements! But don’t worry, the leading agencies handle 90% of the paperwork. Just remember to get that passport renewed — processing times can take up to 11 weeks!
  5. The big first-class flight all the way, baby! Did you know some romance tours include VIP airport transfers? Nothing says “I’m a catch” like stepping off the plane into a private limo.
  6. Welcome fiesta forget stuffy meet-and-greets. Modern mail order bride tour kicks off with a bang! It may start with a coffee tasting followed by salsa lessons. Talk about a buzz!
  7. One-on-one dates. Here’s where the magic happens! One dating tour in Brazil offers helicopter tours of Rio as a date option. Talk about taking love to new heights! A new trend — one day without phones or cameras. Just you, your date, and nature. One tour in Costa Rica includes a full day in a secluded eco-lodge. Romance level: 1000.
  8. Group activities. Even on solo tours, there’s usually a group day. Think yacht parties or cooking classes. One tour in Peru ends with a group hike to Machu Picchu. Nothing bonds people like a shared adventure!
  9. The decision. By the end of the tour, 70% of participants report feeling a strong connection with at least one person. No pressure, but Cupid’s got good aim on these trips!
  10. Post-tour support. The best agencies offer ongoing support. Some even provide counseling services to help couples navigate cultural differences. Learn the ins and outs of Ukrainian family dynamics or navigate the complexities of Filipino “utang na loob” (debt of gratitude).

Remember, these mail order bride tours are about finding love, not making a purchase. One happy client told me, “I came looking for a wife, but I found a whole new world.”

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