Russian Mail Order Bride Prices from Searching to Marrying

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How much is a Russian bride? Discover the Russian mail order bride price to make informed decisions on your journey to finding your soulmate.

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Russian Bride Cost: Exploring the Value of Love Across Borders

\Russian mail order brides are well-known worldwide. Many men from the West either dream of marrying a Russian woman or have taken active steps to do it. If you’re considering getting a Russian wife, it’s important to understand what the Russian bride cost is and which online dating platforms offer the best chances of finding your soulmate. Let’s break down the actual Russian mail bride cost and what affects it.


How much does a Russian bride cost?

You have two options for meeting a Russian single. You can meet her in person or use a dating site. Both ways have advantages and disadvantages, but your decision will determine the cost of getting a Russian bride. So, choose your dating method wisely based on your needs and expectations, without spending too much money.

Online dating cost

Most men wonder about the mail order bride pricing when dating online. However, it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. The amount you’ll spend on Russian bride online depends on various factors and your personal choices.

Some platforms don’t require you to pay a membership fee; instead, they operate on a credit system. This means you’re only charged for the specific services you use, with no hidden fees. Typically, they offer different credit packages for purchase.

For example, here are the prices for SofiaDate credits:

  • 35 credits for $12,99
  • 50 credits for $19
  • 100 credits for $33
  • 250 credits for $75
  • 400 credits for $100
  • 1,000 credits for $200

What can you spend these credits on? Let’s take a look at the premium features.

  • Chat — 2 credits per minute
  • Send photo in chat or letter — 10 credits
  • Send video in chat or letter — 25 credits
  • Send audio in chat or letter — 15 credits
  • Send stickers — 5 credits each
  • Real gifts — 678–26996 credits
  • Send a letter — 20 credits

Platforms like SofiaDate might charge you for access to their quality matchmaking engine, impressive user base, and improved chat opportunities. They work as an online marriage broker. Typically, it takes around two to three months to find a soulmate on such sites.

So, how much is a Russian bride when looking for her on SofiaDate? For instance, online chatting can cost you approximately $300 a month.

Travel costs

Many Americans still travel to Russia for face-to-face dates. Indeed, Russia is a unique and picturesque country where you can immerse yourself in the culture and traditions and meet real girls just by exploring the streets of Moscow.

If you’re wondering how much the average cost of mail order bride changes when you start looking for her in real life, here’s an estimate for a two-week mail order bride tour to Russia.

  • Round-trip ticket (New York to Moscow) — approximately $1500
  • Accommodation — around $700 per person
  • Food — about $350 for two people
  • Taxi — about $100
  • Entertainment expenses — approximately $300 for two

Visa and other documents

In addition to the wedding ceremony, you’ll encounter other necessary expenses when bringing your Russian brides for sale to the US. These include:

  • K-1 visa: Costs around $800. This visa allows your fiancée to come to the US and marry within 90 days upon arrival. She can then apply for permanent resident status.
  • Attorney services: Typically $200 per hour. Hiring an attorney can simplify the visa application process and ensure you comply with all legal requirements.
  • Assimilation costs: Starting from $2,000/month. After your bride settles in the US, it’s important to help her assimilate. These costs may include language courses, buying new clothes, or something like that.

Wedding expenses

When considering total mail order bride prices, it’s important to consider the wedding day too. This is a special occasion for you and your bride, a day to remember for a lifetime. While you might opt for a simple and modest celebration, it’s worth discussing with your bride what details would make the day truly memorable for both of you. Yes, a more elaborate wedding may increase the overall cost, but the happiness and memories created are priceless, aren’t they? So, the wedding will cost you approximately $25,000.

Average price you spend on a Russian mail order bride

The average Russian mail order bride price can vary depending on different factors, but it typically starts from $32,000.

How to reduce the price or find a cheap Russian mail order bride?

To make the price for a Russian mail-order bride cheap, consider the following strategies:

  • Research and choose affordable dating platforms with low-cost membership or credit options
  • Opt for budget-friendly communication methods, such as messaging apps or video calls, instead of expensive services
  • Minimize travel expenses by planning trips efficiently, considering budget accommodations, and exploring cost-effective transportation options.
  • Seek out free or low-cost activities for dates, such as outdoor picnics, museum visits, or scenic walks
  • Don’t celebrate a luxurious wedding; make it a celebration for those closest to you

Where to buy a Russian bride?

You are probably convinced by now that a Russian beauty is precisely what you need in your life. But where exactly can you “buy” her? Of course, you cannot buy a person in the 21st century but you can buy services that will provide online dating services. Russian bride agency will help you to find a loving bride, which is why they remain the most popular way to meet and eventually marry a girl of your dreams. These dating platforms handle the complete process of communication, provide translation services (if needed).

Jumping headfirst into a serious relationship with a Russian woman may be intimidating at first because of the language and cultural differences and the prospect of long-distance relationships. However, once you experience the love of a Russian woman, you will be the happiest man!

In conclusion

Finding Russian girls for sale isn’t too expensive if you use a good mail order bride website. Online chatting saves time, especially if you’re far apart. It will take more money if you want to meet offline, but it is worth it. In general, buying a Russian girl costs about $32,000, depending on what you do and how much you can spend on a woman. But no matter what you pay, marrying a girl from Russia is great because they are considered one of the best wives in the world.