Game Plan for Forest Knight’s Winter Sale — Launching Tomorrow

Get ready to collect the most coveted Forest Knight items that have ever existed or will ever be created!

Tomorrow is the day we all were waiting for!

On the 10th of January, the Forest Knight Winter Sale is going to start at 15:00 PST.

Let’s go over the steps from how to reach out to the Expedition Knights who are currently tracking through the ice lands — and receive your caravan of items.

More detailed information about the sale is available in our previous blog post.

2 possible Items in Chest

How to Participate

Step 1: Visit and press “Buy Now”.

Step 2: Insert the ETH Address you wish to receive your items to. Please double check this step to avoid any mistakes. The wrong ETH address can lead to a failed mission. The items will be lost forever and there will be no way to recover them. Afterward, add your Winter Chest to the cart.

Step 3: Go to your cart and choose the number of chests you want to purchase and go to checkout. Enter your billing information. The personal information has no value for us and we will not store them — this is just a legally mandatory step. Afterwards, you can choose your Payment method and finish your purchase.

Sir Gob-Gob at Work

Step 4: Congratulations! The Crow is on it’s way to Sir Gob-Gob, the honorable knight who will open the chest for you. If you want to know what you will receive, go to our Discord and look up your Order Number in the Winter Chest-opening channel. Wait 15 minutes before doing so because the crow needs time to reach the helpful goblin.

The expedition Knights are going to send off caravans to Chronville every Monday. We will batch send the items purchased the previous week on that day — you will receive them to your Eth Wallet addresses.

Festive Starlight Staff

Discord Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of the Winter Sale, we will start with a giveaway on Discord where you can win a Winter Chest. All you have to do is join our Discord and follow the instructions on the channel. You will find all upcoming giveaways there, so make sure you don’t miss out.

I wish you all good luck!

Thank you so much for all the support.

With your help, Forest Knight is going to set new standards for Blockchain Gaming and bring this important movement closer to mass adoption. This is our ultimate goal!