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3 min readFeb 17, 2021


On Saturday 13th February, we held the fifth ever Frontstack event! Due to the current state of the world, we held the event online for the first time ever via Zoom. The entire event was also live-streamed to YouTube, and is available to watch below!

Our prior events were about Responsive Web Design, How to use APIs, Writing Modern CSS and Media on the Web. This year, the theme was Frontend Favourites!

What Happened?

In this event, we had 9 amazing speakers from 3 countries. Each speaker spoke about their favourite aspects of developing for the web.

How to Get Started with JAMStack

To kick off the event, Idris Olubisi held a talk about diving into the world of JAMStack. He covered the various features, use cases, and advantages of using the JAMStack architecture when building websites.

GitHub Repo:

Blog Post: How to Get Started with JAMStack

A Quick Dive into CSS Preprocessors

The second session of the day was led by Glory Praise, who gave a lightning talk about CSS preprocessors and their advantages.

Blog Post: A Quick Dive into CSS Preprocessors

Optimising Web Fonts to Enhance Web Performance

For our third talk, Ifeoma Nwosu spoke about improving web performance by optimising web fonts.

Building Accessible Websites

The next talk by Feranmi Akinlade covered accessibility on the web and dived into tools and techniques for creating friendly websites for audio/visually impaired users.

Build a Multiplayer Game with Vue and Pub/Sub Messaging

For the fifth talk, Jo Franchetti showed how to create multiplayer games using Vue.js and Pub/Sub messaging.

Form Validation and Error Handling on the Frontend

Next, Ada Osakwe covered the importance of user friendly form validation and error handling, and the best practices for achieving them.

Blog Post: Form Validation and Error Handling on the Frontend

Choose the Right .js for Your Next Project

The seventh talk held by Kati Frantz delved into the different Javascript frameworks out there, and how to choose which one to use for your next project.

Debugging Web Apps with the Chrome Dev Tools

In the next talk, Ivan Bila talked us through the ins and outs of how to debug web apps using Chrome Dev Tools.

Other Resources:

Building a Web Application with ejs — A Case Study

The ninth and final talk was a codelab by Karen Efereyan on building beautiful web applications using Embedded JavaScript.

Who attended?

We had roughly 100 people watch the event across our Zoom Webinar and the YouTube Livestream. Here is some feedback from people who attended the conference:

Thank you to our speakers & volunteers! 💖

This year’s event would not have been possible without our wonderful speakers — Idris Olubisi, Glory Praise, Ifeoma Nwosu, Feranmi Akinlade, Jo Franchetti, Ada Osakwe, Kati Frantz, Ivan Bila and Karen Efereyan.

Thank you to my co-host, Linda Ojo, for helping make this event extra fun and engaging!

I’d also like to thank for donating 10 1-month licences, which were given out to our attendees during the event.

That’s it for Frontstack 2021, see you next year!