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Aug 9 · 4 min read

Dear Function X members,

Our XPhone prototype has gone through many improvements since it made history with the first blockchain phone call last October. We’ve taken your feedback from the various events where we showcased and demonstrated the prototype and from hence, made changes to its design, adding new features and making it funky and giving the users to have the flexibility to build.

One of these significant changes is in its name. While “XPhone” is our internal code name, we feel that the product name better captures our aspirations for what this product will be: a device that allows people to participate, to build, to use with a more secure, more transparent, and more seamless digital experience.

Today, I’m proud to introduce Pundi X’s blockchain phone prototype “BOB,” which stands for “Blok On Blok.”

The blockchain, in your grasp.

BOB will be able to seamlessly switch between Android mode and blockchain mode at the click of a button. In Android mode, one can count on BOB the way we use smartphones today, running on Android 9.0

Where it stands out is in blockchain mode, wherein every bit of data sent through BOB will be executed in the Function X blockchain. When a user sends a text message or makes a call through BOB, that message or call will be transmitted through various actions executed on the blockchain, rather than through a centralized mobile carrier. This gives users complete control and ownership over their data.

This is made possible through its own OS called f(x), which will be installed in every BOB unit. The technology within this OS makes sure that every action done on the phone is decentralized, which makes BOB the first truly blockchain-powered phone in the world.

Moreover, every unit of BOB will function as a node on the Function X blockchain. This gives BOB owners the opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of the Function X ecosystem, and for that matter the propagation of blockchain technology itself, bringing it mainstream with increased usage of blockchain now literally in their grasp.

Customizable design, infinite use cases

With a new name comes a new design. Inspired by our favorite classic sci-fi movies and comic books, BOB’s design blends both retro and futuristic elements. This represents both the classic smartphone concept and the genuinely revolutionary technology powering BOB.

While we’re proud of this design, we know that you have other concepts in mind on how you want your BOB to look. Each unit of BOB will thus come with a MOD Assembly Kit, which not only means that you’ll be building your own unit, but that you’ll also be able to customize how your BOB looks. You will have complete control over not only your data but also your phone’s look.

This flexibility in design also extends to BOB’s internal technology. Once we start rolling out BOB, the f(x)OS and BOB hardware will be published as open-source for everyone to build and iterate with. This reinforces our mission of making blockchain more accessible to everyone by giving users the opportunity to build their own use cases out of the f(x) OS.

Flex your creativity

With these in mind, we’d like to invite the creative members of our community to submit their own BOB designs. With the flexibility provided by the MOD Assembly Kit, users can apply their own aesthetics to their BOB unit and even add more parts and accessories via 3D printing.

We’ll be distributing free MOD Assembly Kits to the lucky users who have design ideas for BOB. We’ll then put it up to voting by the community, and the 10 highest-voted designs will be manufactured and distributed.

For the rest of the community, we’ll open pre-orders for BOB via Kickstarter and XWallet. We’ll announce more details on the timeline very soon.

Brave new world

As the world’s first truly decentralized phone, we believe BOB represents the next evolution of the smartphone, and an important development or milestone in the evolution of the Internet itself. The case isn’t just for making smartphones more powerful or more loaded with features. By taking it to the blockchain, we are also creating a more safe, secure, user-friendly and generally new mobile and data experience — one that will renew people’s faith in the Internet.

We’re still finalizing several details about BOB, so we have more to announce in the future. To follow our progress, you can read the details on the official Function X website at

For now, we look forward to hearing what you think of BOB and the brave new world it is building.


Pitt Huang
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder
Pundi X


Created by Pundi X. An ecosystem built entirely on and for the #blockchain. f(x) consists of an operating system, public blockchain, FXTP, docker and IPFS.

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Created by Pundi X. An ecosystem built entirely on and for the #blockchain. f(x) consists of an operating system, public blockchain, FXTP, docker and IPFS.

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