PSN 1.0 Staking Reward Distribution

As explained in PSN: Staking Rewards Explained, Fusion Foundation is rewarding staking validators at a ratio of 0.625 ERC20 FSN and 2.5 P-FSN tokens for block packing on PSN.

In preparation for the PSN 2.0 launch, the reward program for PSN 1.0 will end with the final reward block height of 328,000. All ERC20 FSN and P-FSN will be allocated on April 15th.

How Much Did I Earn?

Fusion’s CTO Bret Schlussman has written a simple program to calculate block rewards for PSN 1.0 and will provide a table to check your balance on March 29th.

All ERC20 FSN and P-FSN rewards earned during PSN 1.0 as calculated from the miner information on the public gateway Fusion hosted, will be transferred across to PSN 2.0.

  1. The source code for Bret’s calculation is available at:
  2. Instruction for running program is available at:

How Can I Access My Rewards?

  1. After the launch of PSN 2.0, Fusion will launch an oracle application called the Application Reward Module (ARM).
  2. The ARM will use the data from the calculation script discussed above to distribute rewards to the stakers’ public address.
  3. The P-FSN tokens will be distributed from Fusion Foundation’s account to the relevant address.
  4. Fusion Foundation will create a new native asset on the PSN ecosystem using the ‘Create Asset’ function. The new asset will be called ERC-20 FSN and the supply will be equal to the block height of the last reward block of PSN 1.0 * 0.625. The amount is: 328,000 * 0.625 = 200,000 Total Supply of ERC20-FSN.
  5. The newly created ERC20-FSN will be a certified asset that can be locked-out of the PSN ecosystem via Fusion’s asset gateway to the Ethereum network.

Time-Locked Rewards

  1. If the staker’s address was not on the original genesis block or if the wallet balance of the staker’s associated address on the Ethereum network has reduced since the snapshot, then the staker will receive time-locked ERC20 FSN rewards. The time-locked ERC 20 FSN will be from 1 year following the distribution date until infinite (1 year, ∞).
  2. Any complete and time-locked ERC20 FSN balances that exist on PSN 2.0 will be transferred automatically to main net when it launches.
  3. Time-locked ERC20 FSN cannot be locked-out via the Asset Gateway but has to remain in the Fusion ecosystem. Of course, the owner of time-locked ERC20 FSN can Quantum Swap it for complete ERC20 FSN in the Quantum Swap marketplace (although likely at a discount) and lock-out today.

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