Did prayer work in Standing Rock? Surprising evidence!

Prayer vigil of protesters in Standing Rock, North Dakota. Tens of thousands worldwide joined them remotely. Image: Unify.org

On December 4, 2016, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said that it would look for an alternate route for the Dakota Access Pipeline, previously scheduled to pass under Lake Oahe in North Dakota.

>> For details, see this Guardian article.

Amazingly, the announcement came at the midpoint of a prayer vigil intended to prompt the rerouting. In the vigil, local protesters were joined by tens of thousands who participated remotely from all parts of the globe. The mass event was organized by Unify, Uplift, and other groups, and was scheduled to last for six hours.

Did the vigil actually make a difference? Many would like to think so, but determining the tangible value of prayer is a work in progress. Most scientists remain skeptical. But the pipeline announcement wasn’t the only coincidence that day.

There was a second surprising development. Electronic detectors picked up signals that have been associated with shared human attention in previous studies. The detectors are part of the ongoing Global Consciousness Project (GCP), which was established at Princeton University in 1998 and now operates as an international collaboration.

The organization’s electronic “global consciousness” detectors, scattered around the planet, recorded a definite surge during the period of the Standing Rock prayer vigil. See the output chart, below:

Global Consciousness Project chart for December 4, 2016.

Note that the GCP system recorded a spike (the red line) that began about two hours before the announcement and then leveled off and declined. In hundreds of studies since 1998, such recordings have tested the hypothesis that shared consciousness or attention affects physical reality.

>> See the GCP report.

Below, GCP Director Roger Nelson is shown with one of the detectors, which connect to host computers that continuously record deviations from randomness toward order or coherence. In previous studies, such deviations have been correlated with events commanding widespread public attention, such as natural disasters, religious holidays, acts of terror, or peace vigils.

Roger Nelson, GCP Director, shown with detection device used at monitoring locations around the globe.

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What’s really going on in Standing Rock and around the world? It may be much more than social protest. Might it be a kind of awakening, scientific as well as human, that’s just getting started?

Stay tuned.

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