Letter sent on Dec 2, 2016

See “The ‘multiphase’ way to WIN BIG with infrastructure, even if Congress wimps out”

Dear followers, this is an update of yesterday’s article “Beyond old roads, pipes and bridges …” Clarifications have been added to make the strategy clearer and more actionable. What do you think? Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Dick Samson

Why just patch up yesterday when we can build tomorrow at the same time … through “multiphase” thinking? All at an affordable price? And while launching history’s biggest economic boom?

Infrastructure. Today it should be more than a fix-up project … more, even, than a job creator or economic stimulant. We need to think bigger, much bigger; and better, much better.

Why do less than what’s needed to fix today’s problems and assure our future?

Addressing multiple problems in one project: Road under construction in Tourouvre, France, will capture energy while supporting traffic. Solar-panel roads to be built on four continents in 2017.

Through multiphase thinking we can refurbish existing systems while simultaneously delivering sustainability and future-appropriate design.

Let’s consider this unprecedented opportunity in four steps…. CLICK HERE for the whole article, which details a plan for building really big without breaking the bank.

And explore how your business or career fits in.