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What is GameArter and how can it help you?

GameArter’s vision is to help developers in making quality games. In collaboration with developers, publishers and players, GameArter creates a new shared gaming economy powered by its own currency token.

GameArter is currently undergoing redesign of its webpage and back-end solutions. Final version will be open and transparent system providing all information directly to developers and publishers. We are currently focused on a product which we are building on a base of data received in games and at gaming website. Current goal is to teach users use and work with the concept of GameArter currency (further as GRT token). We would like to connect GRT token with other internet-based utility tokens to bring wide range of possibilities where players and users of gaming websites can use it. This article brings short overview about GameArter and its ecosystem.

If you are a game developer

  1. Games distribution. Distribute your game to many gaming websites. Your game will become visible and players will start coming.
  2. Games monetisation. Monetize games via own (later) or GameArter channels (on-page ads, in-game ads, in-game purchases).
  3. Games management. Control and customize all your games from one place. GameArter allows to configurate branding, monetization and game properties for every website individually.
  4. Games analytics. Track users’ engagement, behavior, outgoing links or errors occurred during gameplay.
  5. Users management. Do not waste time with users’ authentication and regulations around that. GameArter will authenticate users via GameArter authentication system for you. You will get final data to use.
  6. Data management. GameArter takes care about simplicity and safety of working with data. All you need to do is only say what data should be saved. GameArter will select right path and place to save it safely.
  7. Interaction with users. GameArter gameplayer provides modules for discussing, reporting bugs, development notes, and many more features.
  8. Game Promotions. GameArter will allow to organize tournaments in games without need of any coding or adjustments. All will be automatically managed by GameArter gaming SDK.

If you are a game publisher

  1. Games for your websites. GameArter will give you an access to the games market with many games to place on your website. Most of them will be free to share.
  2. Own brand in games. GameArter allows to run games under any brand. You can build brand this way and not lose any users. You can get this by giving a promo for a game.
  3. Games with no or own ads inside. GameArter will offer disabling in-game ads or running games with own ads. This feature will come in the future.
  4. GameArter login system for your web. GameArter will allow using GameArter login system also for websites.
  5. Discussion solution shared between webs and games. No division into more forums. All discussions regarding a game at one place.
  6. Rewards for generated playability, in-game purchases and activity. You will be rewarded for bringing players to games, players activity in discussions and other GameArter systems. These rewards will be in GameArter currency. You can use this currency backward as rewards for visitors to increase user engagement on your website.
  7. Participation in game development. You can send comments or advices to a developer and help him to make the game better.

If you are a player

  1. One account for all games. Via this account you will be logged in to all games automatically. This account is your wallet as well.
  2. One currency for all games. All games use same currency (GRT token). You can select where you will spend your money.
  3. Rewards and achievements for playing. You will earn GRT token by playing games in GameArter system. This currency can be spent in any game or at game market.
  4. Earning by playing. Possibility to transfer or lease game items between accounts for free or per certain price defined by market.
  5. Social interactions. You will be able to create a list of your friends and play with them, or compare your results with theirs.
  6. Tournaments. Participate in tournaments organized in games powered by GameArter Tournaments engine. Participation will be always for free (it is not gambling) and a player will be able to win GRT token, a game item or real stuff (t-shirts, caps…)
  7. Participation in game development. You can send comments or advices to a developer and help him to make the game better.
  8. Possibility to buy games in game market. Although the technologies for running games in the browser are being improved regularly as well as connection speed increases and reduces necessary time to download, running a game via stable bought version will bring higher FPS, usually more quality graphics and faster loading time.
Video describing GRT token usage at


GameArter supports nearly every type of games. Because of wide selection of games with various requirements, GameArter is going to work with optimized multi-layer protection mechanism. We are currently working with following idea which is already partly in practice.

  1. Two currencies
  • Working currency (GRT token). Currency designed for in-game or website usage, emitted by user actions. Under certain assumptions it’s shiftable to reserve currency.
  • Reserve currency. Currency exchangeable for GRT token as well as real blockchain-based tokens and currencies.

GameArter currently operates with GRT token only.

2. Currency distribution

GRT token will be emmited by users' actions in games. These actions can happen on the client side (eg. kill in a multiplayer shooter game). Tracking these events is not either effective or even possible (amount of existing events which can occur, network costs, credibility of witnesses…). Until we find better solution, we are going to protect emitted amount of GRT token by following way:

  • GameArter Rewards engine. This engine will be releasing GRT token to games / web wallets on basis of playability and user interactions. In a case of games, this rewards engine will be also setting rewards for games on basis of their wallet balance and game analytics data. Websites can manipulate with their wallet balance via GameArter wallet api.

2. Items / currency purchases

All purchases as well as currency exchanges are ongoing out of game. Once this action is done, game is being dynamically updated by new up to date data.

3. Events tracking

By event tracking, we have in mind actions like kills, time lap, best score, visited places and so on. These events are basic building blocks of every game and GameArter distributes rewards, achievements and creates leaderboards on their basis. Events are defined by developers and there is no list they could select from. Every occured event is reported to GameArter event listener which records the marks and posting them for save and verification on the server.

  • Server verification will be based on math, statistics, and machine learning. The point of this mechanism will be to filter games with wrongly implemented GameArter SDK and users with unreliable behavior for additional checks.

4. Data saving

  • All data are saved on the server which mirrors there to client's (player's) RAM memory for quick access from the game. Manipulation of these data means only manipulation of a GUI values. GameArter SDK detects all these changes via checksums and fines users for it.
  • Server-client communication is enabled if GameArter client-side protection mechanisms does not detect any data manipulation. Communication / synchronisation is going on background and is hash-protected.

If you are a game developer, or a publisher with an interest to use GameArter, you can contact us through contact form.




In collaboration with developers, publishers and players, GameArter creates a new gaming economy.