Ch-ch-ch-changing the game again


EDIT- Disregard stuff about me unlocking a previously locked story. I can’t be bound by schedules. It was turning into a chore, and I already have enough chores at home. Everything else stands. Especially this. And, as I stated when I first entered the hallowed halls of the Medium Partner Program, all of my stories published previous to my admission will remain free for all. Hey! Some of ’em are really good.

Previously I wrote…

Starting today, right now, you’ll be able to read a previously locked story through Sunday night. I’ll lock it back up first thing Monday. That’s one previously locked piece available for free Friday through Sunday. The story I’ve unlocked today is the first piece I wrote since being accepted into the Partner Program. It serves as an introduction to my life as a journalist in the deep south in the 1970’s. I hope you enjoy it.

There are two changes to the above...

First, my debut locked post, Revenge Sweet as Candy Corn Kisses, will remain unlocked, my way of offering my hand to fellow travelers new and old.


Second, beginning Monday, October 23, in honor of a man you may not know but who I grew up listening to, Leon Bibb, I will unlock for seven days (makes a week, yes?) a previously locked post. The following Monday a new post will be unlocked replacing the old one.

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