Yes, that is a mighty oak seed stuck in my hair. Yes, I get it… so do you…

Who is Gerard McLean?

I had been crafting the narrative in my head for the longest time, honing the transitions, making sure the narrative arc made sense… the usual stuff one does when asked; Who are you? What do you want?

Broken up into digestible chunks because, seriously, who has time to read a long drawn out history of an old man? Well, you do, snapchat generation, but only in 10sec stories.

Here is my narrative so far. It’s not complete, because I’m not dead.

Click through these stories… in order, otherwise, they really make no sense. Well, they make less sense. Do what you want… and if what you want is to read my story on paper or on your kindle, I’ve made that happen.

Ok, onwards, if you’d rather read it in smaller chunks, and have an excuse to click off when you get bored….

In case you want to start in medias res, start with the story below and work your way forward. Very Star Wars!

If you have gotten this far, I feel I owe you something. A little bit of truth.

This was actually inspired by Don Draper, a character in Mad Men when the reporter from AdAge interviewed him and asked, “Who is Don Draper?

Don expected him to have already done his reading… rookie mistake. I’ve been crafting my narrative since I was old enough to know what a good story sounds like.

Is this true? Most of it is. Some of the timeline has been compressed or elongated. I’ve sanded the edges for you so you won’t cut yourself on the uncomfortable bits.