Beat the Heat…. #2

Summer is all ready with the scorching sunlight and the raving hot temperature. Such a height weather definitely calls for some cool and refreshing ice creams to quench our thirst!!

Ice creams are the best and most wanted ingredient in the summer season but it is very bad for the health due to its fattening ingredients. But what if having ice cream becomes good? I am going to share with you three delicious ice cream recipes that will make you crave it…. So let’s get started…

The Mango Raspberry Swirl

Add a cup full of frozen raspberries into the blender and blend it for about two minutes so that a thick mixture is formed. It will look like the raspberry jam which is highly delicious so be careful!! Don’t finish it off!! Rinse the blender and add two cups of sliced and frozen mangoes. Add one tablespoon full of vanilla flavored protein powder or vanilla flavored Greek yogurt, which ever you prefer. Add a cup of water and blend it until a creamy and chunky mixture is formed. I prefer to not blend it totally as I love a few chunks of the mango in my mouth. You can blend it totally according to your choice. Add the mango mixture to a bowl along with the raspberry jam and mix it well. Freeze it in the refrigerator for about two to three hours and then add the scoops to your bowl of choice and enjoy the deliciousness!!!

The Banana Blueberry Ice Cream

To the blender, add one full bowl of frozen blueberries and blend it unless a violet blueberry jam is formed. Pour it in a bowl and set it aside. Clean your blender and add a full bowl of frozen bananas in the blender. Add a full cup of coconut water along with a full spoon of protein powder. Blend it and a creamy delicious blend of banana goodness is ready. Mix the banana mixture with the blueberry jam and freeze it for two to three hours. Add a scoop to your bowl of choice and stack some blueberries, raspberries and strawberries to your ice cream for added chunky flavor. Enjoy the delicious ice cream!!

The Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

Into the blender add a full cup of mint leaves along with a cup of coconut water. Blend it unless the mint leaves are fully blended and a fine paste is formed. To this mixture in the blender add one cup of vanilla flavored Greek yogurt along with two table spoons of cocoa powder. Add some honey or dates as a sweetener. Blend it all very well unless a smooth textured mixture is formed. Transfer it to a bowl and freeze it for two to three hours. Add some chocolate chips to your scooped out ice cream for garnishing. Enjoy the chocolaty deliciousness!!

Give all the above recipes a try and don’t forget to come back and hit the recommend button because it helps me reach out to the others. Share the recipes with the others. Also follow me for more such delicious recipes.. Eat healthy!!

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