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The Global Narrative Hive is a new network working to connect and grow the global ecosystem of activists and campaigners, communications workers, researchers, artists, journalists and others who are using narratives to advance their visions of a more just world.
Note from the editor

Haga clic aquí para la version en español [https://v.gd/vIjlQh] Cliquez ici pour la version française [https://v.gd/l2WiAS] Welcome to our blog — where members of the Global Narrative Hive share stories about values, learning, and what we’re setting out to do in the world. Narratives are groups of stories, connected by shared values and repeated across different channels in our societies. Narratives uphold existing power structures, influence whose voices we value, and can be a barrier to change. Learning how to use them strategically is a powerful tool to challenge harmful norms and help new ideas gain traction. Around the world communities are building narrative power, but there are disconnects in this ecosystem. Founded by activists, practitioners, and funders, the Global Narrative Hive supports knowledge sharing and collaboration across movements and regions. We’re excited to share our manifesto and take our place in this powerful ecosystem. Over time, voices from across our community will add to this blog. FICS and the Hive are hosted by Global Dialogue, a charity (1122052) registered in England and Wales. Contact narratives [at] global-dialogue.org

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spaceholder. storyteller. feminist thinker.
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Arya Jeipea Karijo
Making for Human Beings (User Experience Design) solving problems (Design thinking) using creativity and entrepreneurship (Innovation) and a community in Kenya.