GLX Global Stablecoin Listed On The Lykke Exchange

We are excited to announce that the GLOBCOIN Global Stablecoin GLX will be listed on the Swiss-based Lykke Exchange — as of the 1st of February 2019, at 9 AM CET, and available for trading. “Lykke has a high reputation in the industry for their seriousness and professionalism” expressed Helie d’Hautefort, Globcoin CEO.

The GLX Stablecoin is linked to a basket of the world’s top 15 currencies and gold, acting as the most universal stable means of payment today. As it is not based on a single currency, but 15, it truly represents the World Economy. Beyond its use as payment token, the GLX also represents a powerful hedging tool either against crypto volatility (it has proven to be more stable than the Swiss Franc) or for traditional fiat investors looking for a safe haven.

Lykke is an exclusive Exchange in Switzerland that operates under Swiss quality standards. They partner with tokens based on their merit and potential. All their tools and services are open source and have a very transparent technology. We had already chosen Lykke to list our utility token GCP, which is also available for the Lykke community alongside the GLX.

The GLX enables high-speed, low-cost, truly global payments. Join the GLX Global Payments Community now and don’t miss any important update!