PrimaBlock joins the GoChain Network as a Signing Node

The GoChain team proudly announces that PrimaBlock, the #1 blockchain service for crypto pooling, has joined the GoChain MainNet as a signing node. As many of you know, PrimaBlock recently partnered with GoChain for a full-integration, offering first class support for both GoChain-to-GoChain pooling and Ethereum-to-GoChain pooling.

PrimaBlock signing node location in Paris, France — via

We couldn’t be happier that such a reputable service in the crypto space is helping our network become more decentralized, distributed, and secure. PrimaBlock has undoubtedly raised billions in pooled funds, and they have a proven track record of success, innovation, and trustworthiness. We are excited to work with their team and if you haven’t heard of them, check them out below!

You can read PrimaBlock’s Partnership Press Release here.

Learn more about PrimaBlock: