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Goldfinch is a global, decentralized credit protocol for lending to real-world businesses. https://goldfinch.finance
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Goldfinch is a crypto protocol for loans without collateral, starting in emerging markets. www.goldfinch.finance

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Mike Sall
Cofounder at @Goldfinch_fi. Previously Head of Product Analytics at @Coinbase, Head of Data Science at @Medium.
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blake west
Cofounder, CTO @goldfinch_fi. Formerly: Senior Engineer @Coinbase, 1st hire @HintHealth, Musician. Also ML enthusiast
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Obinna Okwodu
Building @ Goldfinch
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Goldfinch Foundation
Goldfinch is a decentralized credit protocol that allows anyone to be a lender, not just banks. https://goldfinch.finance/
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Po On Yeung
Social Impact Innovation | Ecosystem Builder | Entrepreneurial Mindset | Customer Experience & Strategy @ Twitter | Global Chair TwitterAsians | @poymeetsworld
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Abhishek Punia
Trying to figure it out. I hang out a lot on Twitter: https://twitter.com/puniaviision