Surveying the perception of AI at SingularityU Czech Summit 2018

Earlier this year we surveyed the attendees of the SingularityU Czech Summit where GoodAI CEO Marek Rosa was invited to speak (you can view his talk here). We wanted to find out more about the participants perception of artificial intelligence and the impacts it will have on society over the next 10 years.

In general the participants had a positive view on artificial intelligence, with over 70% of people surveyed believing that AI would have a “mostly positive” or “very positive” impact on society and 15% predicting a negative impact.

With regards to jobs we found that 40% of those surveyed believed that AI would lead to “More jobs lost than created (net job loss),” while 53% believed that AI would have “no impact on number of jobs” or lead to “more jobs created than lost (net job gain)”.

We also asked participants about government regulations and which areas they believed would most likely need new regulations. Over 80% of participants though that “consumer protection” and “security” would need new regulations going forward, making them the areas participants were most concerned about. While less than 40% believed that there should be new regulations on research and development, and participants were split nearly 50:50 on whether new regulations would be necessary in the area of taxation.

We are working to shape a global survey on artificial intelligence, find out more about it here and let us know what other questions could be interesting.