Google Developers Experts: Transforming Global Machine Learning Communities

Written by Alina Rakhmatoullina and Soonson Kwon, Google Developer Relations Program Managers

The Google Developers Experts program is a global community of professional developers and thought leaders who are passionate about contributing to local developer communities. Each GDE represents a specific Google technology. GDEs develop apps, create technical content, and speak at global industry conferences. There are over 150 Machine Learning and TensorFlow Experts all over the world, and here are some of their amazing achievements.

Margaret Maynard-Reid, Sayak Paul, George Souloupis, Patrick Halalabidis worked together on Image Background Stylizer(intro, tflite, android, ios coming soon!) together with the TFLite team. This combines multiple ML models to create artistic effects by segmenting an image and then stylizing the image background with neural style transfer. Margaret and Sayak published Cartoonizer with TFLite and Selfie2Anime with TFLite as well.

Souradip Chakraborty, Ekaba Bisong, Shweta Bhatt, Thomas Wagner, Riley Elliott and Francesco Mosconi’s paper “BioMedBERT: A Pre-trained Biomedical Language Model for QA and IR” was accepted as a full paper at COLING 2020 (which is a tier-1 conference for natural language processing). This is a continued effort from AI vs. COVID project by the ML GDEs working with TensorFlow Research Cloud and Google Cloud team.

Ngoc Ba in Vietnam started the TensorFlow Vietnam User Group to conduct workshops for the local AI community. Along with the User Group, Ngoc runs project ProtonX, an educational platform where he developed a course fully in Vietnamese to help students learn ML and TensorFlow. He is proud that many Vietnamese developers have benefitted from the course, including 30 developers who passed the TensorFlow Developer certificate.

Sayak Paul in India created the Blood Cell Detection Project using the TF Object Detection API. For his collaborations between Google Developer Relations and TensorFlow teams, Sayak Paul also received the “Google Open Source Peer Bonus”, with many contributions on TF Hub publishing image segmentation models implementing EAST: An Efficient and Accurate Scene Text Detector and Encoder-Decoder with Atrous Separable Convolution for Semantic Image Segmentation.

Merve Noyan loves sharing ML with others in the Turkish ML&AI community. This year, she organized and hosted the “Make Your Own Chatbot with TensorFlow and Rasa” themed series on the TF Turkey YouTube channel. She also focuses on increasing the female presence in the AI community by speaking at several DevFests and bring together women AI practitioners to serve as role-models across Turkey by sharing their stories.

To learn more about the Experts community and all their global open-source ML contributions, check out the GDE Directory and connect with GDEs on Twitter and LinkedIn.



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