A Brief Recap of What We’ve Built, and Where We’re Headed

Grandata is a San Francisco-based data analytics company that provides a privacy-preserving data platform for companies to monetize their data assets. In the Grandata ecosystem, we partner with companies with substantial data assets and help them transform that data into value.

Our partners include some of the world’s largest mobile carriers, banks, and internet companies. On the other side of the equation, Grandata’s enterprise customers receive market intelligence and insights from our partner data and use it to optimize their business performance.

The Grandata platform facilitates the movement and use of data by integrating partner and customer data sets, while employing proprietary techniques to ensure consumer privacy is preserved and compliance with all the country-specific regulations. Since our founding a few short years ago, we’ve managed to grow our platform into a wide-reaching data ecosystem that comprises hundreds of millions of devices that are constantly updated in near real-time.

On top of the Grandata Platform, we’ve built data analytics products that solve specific business problems. Grandata’s flagship product is Social Universe, a SaaS-based business and market intelligence application that utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to support enterprise users’ ability to understand and predict customer behavior and improve business decisions. For example, Grandata customers use Social Universe to develop alternative credit scores for the unbanked, recommend new products to customers, and understand market opportunities and complex mobile market dynamics.

Although we’re very excited about our fast-growing enterprise analytics business, we think that our opportunity increases exponentially when the market for data evolves to include individuals as equal partners. Today, individuals unwittingly supply personal information that fuels the increasingly valuable data ecosystem with little insight into how their data is being used or the value it creates.

We believe this opaque system is ready to be transformed into a marketplace where individuals –the real data owners — have the ability to play a more active role in how their data is accessed and monetized.

In the following weeks, we will be introducing new initiatives that explore two different, but complementary, ways to empower individuals to control and monetize their data. We look forward to sharing more and hearing your feedback.

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