The Need for Speed: Gravit Designer 3.5 is here

Christian Krammer
Nov 5, 2018 · 4 min read

A considerable amount of requests we got in the past was about performance. Depending on the type of design you worked on, it could be quick as lightning or “slightly slower.” We definitely heard you here, so we carved out a considerable amount from our usual work schedule and improved our rendering engine. We dissected, analyzed, and screwed it back together and improved it considerably.

Don’t believe us? Check out this video:

Compared to the previous version, the displayed file presents no lags when panning.

We think this is a remarkable step for Gravit Designer and it also shows that we are fully committed to improving it for everybody, not only for PRO customers. Alongside this milestone, we are also bringing all improvements to existing features and bugfixes to the free version. Please check out the full list on the changelog.

You can find more information about Gravit Designer PRO here, which also contains an FAQ. Please be also sure to take a look at this accompanying article, where we take a brief look into the future of Gravit Designer. Existing Gravit accounts qualify for special pricing, so if you didn’t get an offer yet, please reach out to us.

The Need for File Formats

Speaking of Gravit Designer PRO: Of course, we also have a few treats for our paying customers. Besides rendering performance, the compatibility of EPS files was also something we got constant requests about, so we made sure that they are displaying exactly as intended now. Bonus: Especially large EPS files are loading much faster in the latest version.

That’s not our only update to file compatibility: Starting with Gravit Designer 3.5 you are also able to import Adobe Illustrator files. You just need to make sure that they were saved with the “Create PDF Compatible File” option. We’re hoping to give you even more flexibility now to finish work in Gravit that was started in other applications.

The Need for Versions

Another area where we saw room for improvement was traceability. Once you had saved and closed a file, there was no chance to go back in time and see how a design evolved or to recover a certain element — other than creating multiple copies of it in the design process. Well, that’s a thing of the past (literally): With our brand new Version History, available from the File menu, you can take a comprehensive look into the past of each design you saved to the Gravit Cloud and see the 20 last versions. A new version is created every time you save your file.

After accessing Show Version History, you are presented with a list of all available versions of the current design in the right panel. Clicking on a version shows it on the canvas for you to inspect — with a double-click you can edit it.

To give you an extra indication that you are previewing a particular version, the menu bar is replaced with two buttons: Edit this version and Close preview. Both functions (Preview and Restore) are also available from the context menu of each version in the list. Even when you have reverted to an older version, all future versions are still accessible in the list — also when saving after that.

So much for the most remarkable changes in Gravit Designer 3.5. We have a lot of other improvements and fixes for you in this release, which you can check out on the changelog. This update will be installed automatically if you are running version 3.4.5 or later. It will also be available from the app stores again throughout this week. Finally, you can download it on our website, too.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about this release or Gravit Designer in general in the comments or on the social media channels linked below. Feedback from our users is still our most valuable resource to improve Gravit.

Gravit Designer

The official blog of Gravit Designer, the design software…

Gravit Designer

The official blog of Gravit Designer, the design software made for everyone. Get it now on

Christian Krammer

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Product manager of Gravit Designer. A cross-platform design tool for the 21st century empowering everyone to design.

Gravit Designer

The official blog of Gravit Designer, the design software made for everyone. Get it now on

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