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Grinding Gears
Tales of code crunching from the FreeAgent Engineering team
Note from the editor

At FreeAgent we’re on a mission to make freelancers and small businesses more successful by putting them in control of their finances. You can find out more about our product at www.freeagent.com and look at open vacancies at www.freeagent.com/jobs.

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Olly Headey
Co-founder and CTO of FreeAgent. https://www.freeagent.com
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Dave Evans
Data Scientist at FreeAgent. https://www.freeagent.com
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Donal McBreen
Software developer at FreeAgent
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Alex Dalitz
Alex Dalitz loves building complex software systems. Find out more at caerkettontech.com
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Charlotte Woolley
Epidemiology PhD student and data science enthusiast
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Struan Robertson
Computer Science Student & Summer Engineering Intern at FreeAgent
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Jonathan Coates
Engineering intern at FreeAgent over the summer of 2018.
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Tobias Haar
Senior Software Engineer at FreeAgent, from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.
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Dominic Cleal
Living life in the operations team at FreeAgent, keeping the platform online and healthy. Sometimes also a Rails developer.