HoloPort Packaging

Assembly Run for 2,000+ HoloPorts is Going Smoothly

HoloPort Update

HoloPort and HoloPort+

  • After assembling the first batch of HoloPorts last week, we performed extensive Quality Assurance (QA), and then paused to optimize the disc image copy process, packaging, and a few other minor assembly processes.
  • Assembly is back underway for all of the HoloPorts and HoloPorts+ and is running smoothly.
  • We’ll send another update when the run has been completed and all the HoloPorts are boxed and ready for shipment.

HoloPort Nano

  • Work on the Nano disc image will continue. As mentioned previously, Nanos assembly will take place after HoloPorts and HoloPort+, when the disc image is provided from our team.

If you haven’t seen, we’re regularly sharing about all our progress on Holochain, the Holo components, and Closed Alpha Testing . Check out our regular publications for the deep but crucial details.

HoloPort Assembly and Testing

Update Your Shipping Address if Necessary

Have you moved? Or do you want your HoloPort shipped to a different address than originally listed? Please log into Indiegogo and update your address. If you have any trouble, please reach out to help@holo.host.

Thanks for being an amazing community. More soon!

-The Holo team